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Three exhibitions
dal 8/11/2007 al 29/3/2008

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Three exhibitions

Serralves Museum of Contemporary Art, Porto

Sculptures from the collection / Robert Rauschenberg / Lucia Nogueira

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9 Nov 2007 - 9th Feb 2008
Serralves Foundation Collection - SCULPTURE
Curators: João Fernandes/ Sandra Guimarães

In the second half of the 20th century, sculpture was confronted with new challenges resulting from the integration of an infinite array of new materials and questions associated to the nature of the place in which sculptures are presented or constituted. Sculptures often fill the architectural volume of an exhibition space, thus becoming a place in their own right - establishing spatial autonomy through their implementations that effectively opens them up to the presence and configuration of other places in nature or everyday life.

The works presented by Robert Grosvenor, Jörg Immendorf, Neil Jenney, Robert Morris, Blinky Palermo, Tobias Rehberger and Joel Shapiro, pertaining to the Serralves Foundation's Collection, illustrate several of the paths opened up by contemporary art over recent decades in terms of redefinition of sculptural objects. In addition to their conceptual and aesthetic diversity, confrontation with these works makes us think about the intersection and intermingling of various formal genres, by means of the relations that these exercise between one another. The singularity of these artists' creative universes invites us to explore new perceptual horizons of sculpture, drawing, installations, architecture, space and time.

In certain sculptures we encounter a dialogue and subversion of the structuralist and minimalist tradition, as primary structures that reveal possibilities of materials and different modes of presentation underlying their formal programme, while in others we encounter constant questioning of the functionality of sculpture in its relationship with the world and the references of its respective places.

9 Nov 2007 - 27 Jan 2008


Curator: Adrian Searle

Lucia Nogueira (Goiana, Brazil, 1950), is a Brazilian artist who died prematurely in 1998. She pursued her career in London from the 1980s and is known primarily for her installations in famous venues such as the Ikon Gallery and Camden Arts Centre. This exhibition is the first retrospective of her work and aims to provide an introduction to her sculptures, installations and also her drawings, which although less well-known, represents a significant and unique body of work.

Until 30 Mar 2008

ROBERT RAUSCHENBERG: Travelling '70-'76

Curator: Mirta D'Argenzio

This exhibition is the first major presentation of works in Portugal by the North American contemporary artist Robert Rauschenberg. His internationally acclaimed art has challenged successive generations for more than 50 years. Travelling ’70- ’76 constitutes 65 works produced by the artist using simple, universally available materials such as cardboard and fabric. The exploration of this little known body of work makes it possible to rediscover and situate this period of activity within the context of his entire oeuvre.

Co-Production: Serralves Foundation, Haus der Kunst, Munich (Germany) and Donna Regina Museum (Madre), Naples (Italy)

Image: Robert Rauschenberg, Ca’ Pesaro (Venetian), 1973, Collection of the Artist

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