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OK, OK, I agree, art karaoke is sort of a lame name. But it gets the message across more effectively than anything else.
In museums, galleries or public art situations, I install a soundtrack and put the words on the wall. To experience the work visitors must sing along or at least recite the words. The voiceless track contains some suggestions of harmony and rhythm, but is open to interpretation. Unlike regular karaoke, here there is no model to imitate, no melody to reproduce. The singer can approach the material freely.
Visitors to this page are encouraged to try it out, download the mp3 backing tracks and record their own version. Write to us from the mail page and we'll post it here.

Two projects are documented here.

1. At Sardegna Arte Fiera (Cagliari, Oct 2005), title Losing Faith. Set up in a beach cabin.

To try it out, click on the red link above for the mp3.

1. remember to listen and breathe
2. take your time


now I don’t know what to do
can’t take pleasure in my love
though I serve love faithlessly
with heart and soul entirely

2. Title: Someone is Listening. In Copenhagen, for public art sound installations organized by AUX in exhibition called Technical Breakdown. A new shopping mall just outside of town, a wooden box/room with headphones inside (called the Panic Room). The idea of the piece is to be conscious of the large amount of video and sound surveillance that is there all around us. If people are watching us and listening to us constantly, why not send them a message? Turn surveillance into a channel of communication.

After an intro containing a bureaucratic voice reading a real US Govt document on surveillance of employees, the karaoke track begins.

To try it repeat the procedure. Click on Someone is Listening for the mp3 track. Enter when my voice says: "Now please sing along for the bugs".


I sing because I know someone is listening
I sing because I know someone is there
Everyone needs attention
But they don't always know how much they're getting
So remember
Remember me
Watch me
Listen to me
I sing because I know someone is out there
Out there

The third mp3 track is my version, with voice.

The fourth mp3 is the same piece with a mix of many different people singing over the track. Done in Bologna at the radio show Magazzeno Bis.

For more info on Technical Breakdown (CD and catalogue) go here

For more info on Magazzeno Bis - http://www.magazzenobis.com/

  Losing Faith mp3

  Someone is Listening mp3

  Someone is Listening sung by Steve mp3

  Someone is Listening chorus at Magazzeno Bis