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Adam Kleinman
dal 20/7/2011 al 20/7/2011

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Adam Kleinman

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Adam Kleinman

Swiss Institute - Old location, New York

Lucture: Search and Destroy

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An Italian philosopher once said that truth is verified by invention, not observation. And in suit, these creations can be formed through a myriad of ideas, be they rational argument, metaphoric conceit, or just simply hero worship. Whatever the case may be, a subtle underbelly missing from this logic is that in the persuasive arena of the public, an actor may appeal to one of these modes, by choice, to obscure a less desirable broadcast. Adam Kleinman's lecture, 'Search and Destroy' looks at various tropes utilized by artists, curators, and art writers alike to frame their presentations so as to question if the aesthetics of rationalization play a role that may even trump substantiation in today's art discourses. Adam Kleinman is a writer and curator and dOCUMENTA (13) Agent for Public Programming. He is a frequent contributor to multiple exhibition catalogs and magazines including Agenda, Artforum, e-flux journal, Frieze, Mousse and Texte zur Kunst. Space is limited. Please RSVP.

Adam Kleinman
dal 20/7/2011 al 20/7/2011

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