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Chantal Mouffe
dal 19/10/2011 al 19/10/2011
7 pm

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Chantal Mouffe

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Chantal Mouffe

NBK Neuer Berliner Kunstverein, Berlin

Lectures (7/9). On the Relation Between Philosophy and Politics

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This lecture shows how different approaches theorize the relation between philosophy and politics and bring to the fore their consequences for envisaging radical politics. Engaging with the work of Jaques Rancieres, Alain Badiou, Antonio Negri, Roberto Esposito and others, Chantal Mouffe argues that a radical democratic project requires an acknowledging of the political in its antagonistic dimension, and which is incompatible with any attempt to find a philosophical grounding for politics. Chantal Mouffe (born 1943) is a professor for political theory at the University of Westminster, London. She has been teaching at universities in Europe, North and South America. Furthermore she has done research at Harvard University, Cambridge MA, and Princeton University, New Jersey. In Paris, she has been the director of the College International de Philosophie from 1989 until 1995. At the moment she investigates in the rise of rightwing populism in Europe and the political role of the continent in a multi-polar world order. Admission free.

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