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Jean-Marc Chapoulie
dal 15/5/2012 al 15/5/2012

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Jean-Marc Chapoulie

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Jean-Marc Chapoulie

Fondation d'Entreprise Ricard, Paris

Le mariage de Cathy et Jean-Paul. Screening and artist talk

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Le mariage de Cathy et Jean-Paul. Screening and artist talk. Commissioned by Le Quartier (Quimper), Jean-Marc Chapoulie inhabited a closed space - the Cinematheque de Bretagne - on several occasions. This book is the textual and visual narrative of what he was able to experience, to discover, to see in that space. The Cinematheque de Bretagne collects, restores, preserves, and distributes films made in Brittany or by Bretons, particularly amateur films. This angle of amateur filmmaking is what interests Jean-Marc Chapoulie, as the Cinematheque's fund comprises 22 800 films, videos, and sound recordings. With distance and humor, this lively narrative describes the people he had the chance to meet and the stories of the films he saw. The continuity of the text is punctuated by images Chapoulie made on the premises.

The order of fireflies
dal 13/9/2015 al 30/10/2015

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