Politecnico di Milano Facolta' di Architettura
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MI/arch - Milan
dal 4/11/2013 al 28/11/2013
ore 18
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MI/arch - Milan

Politecnico di Milano Facolta' di Architettura, Milano

Una serie di letture pubbliche tenute dai protagonisti dell'architettura contemporanea, tra i quali Renzo Piano, Rem Koolhaas, Cesar Pelli.

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During the month of November, to celebrate its 150 year anniversary, the Politecnico di Milano will hold a series of public lectures held by the most noted and prestigious names in international architecture, who have been invited to share their visions and projects for Milan and for the future.

The series, created and curated by Stefano Boeri, Professor of Urban Planning at the Politechnico di Milano, with the participation of David Chipperfield, Grafton Architects, Arata Isozako, Rem Koolhaas, Daniel Libeskind, César Pelli, Renzo Piano and Kazuyo Sejima.

“Today Milan is home to projects and works by an extraordinary group of international architects. Museums, universities, hospitals, residences, headquarters for private companies… the architecture that is changing Milan will forever mark its history,” explained the curator of MI/arch, Stefano Boeri, who concludes:

“In fifty years we’ll look at this architecture as a symbol of our recent times, just as nowadays the BBPR’s Velasca Tower and Ponti’s Pirellone perpetuate the myth of the courageous and innovative post-war Milan, or Muzio’s Triennale and Piacentini’s Palazzo di Giustizia continues to represent the monumental and elegant Milan of the 30’s.”

“A year and a half before the beginning of the Expo, we see projects by these visionary architects, not only as an anticipation of the future, but as the most important confirmation of the planetary challenge that Milan is facing with other capitals of the contemporary world. The Politecnico in the last 150 years has been one of the main protagonists and witnesses of this challenge. Thanks to events such as MI/arch, it intends to continue in this role.”

The series of lectures would not be possible without the support of CityLife, the Prada Foundation, Hines Italy SGR and Bocconi University, leaders of some of the most significant development projects in the city of Milan.

The initiatives of the Politecnico of Milan’s 150th anniversary are made possible by the contributions of Siemens, BMW, Cariplo Foundation, IBM, Techint, Agusta Westland, Pirelli, Dyson, Eni, Mapei, Edison, HP, ABB, ATM and patrons of the Community of Milan, Province of Milan and Region of Lombardia.


5 novembre 2013 ore 18.00 Arata Isozaki
Triennale, Salone d’onore (viale Alemagna, 6)

6 novembre 2013 ore 18.00 César Pelli
Triennale, Salone d’onore (viale Alemagna, 6)

13 novembre 2013 ore 18.00 Grafton Architects
Politecnico, Campus Durando, aula De Carli (via Durando 10)

18 novembre 2013 ore 18.00 Kazuyo Sejima
Politecnico, Campus Durando, aula De Carli (via Durando 10)

21 novembre 2013 ore 18.00 Daniel Libeskind
Politecnico, Campus Bonardi, edificio Trifoglio (via Bonardi, 9)

26 novembre 2013 ore 18.00 David Chipperfield
Politecnico, Campus Bonardi, edificio Trifoglio (via Bonardi, 9)

27 novembre 2013 ore 18.00 Renzo Piano
Teatro dell’Arte (viale Alemagna, 6)

29 Novembre 2013 ore 15:00 Rem Koolhaas

Triennale - Salone d'onore
Viale Alemagna 6
Politecnico - Campus Durando, aula De Carli
via Durando 10
Politecnico - Campus Bonardi, edificio Trifoglio
via Bonardi 9
Teatro dell'Arte
viale Alemagna 6

MI/arch - Milan
dal 4/11/2013 al 28/11/2013

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