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Door Between Either and Or
dal 21/2/2014 al 21/2/2014

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Door Between Either and Or

The Showroom, London


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The London iteration of Door Between Either and Or will look at the legacy of institutional critique in relation to contemporary critical artistic and organisational practices. Initiated by Kunstverein Munich, Door Between Either and Or takes its name from a door built in Marcel Duchamp's apartment that opens one doorway while closing another. Using The Showroom's work as a starting point, the event will explore the relations and tensions between artists and organsiations, looking at how and where criticality is located and performed, internalised and externalised. Parts 1 and 2 consisted of a group exhibition co-curated by artists Judith Hopf and Marlie Mul and a symposium organised by Kerstin Stakemeier, which both took place in Munich during Summer 2013. The third part involves a series of satellite events at international institutions and project spaces throughout 2014, beginning with The Showroom. For these events, each host organisation is asked to evaluate their institutional practice in relation to their own public identity against a history of institutional critique. Finally, a cumulative publication will collect and expand on the material generated from each part of Door Between Either and Or and will be published late 2014.

The Chimurenga Library
dal 6/10/2015 al 20/11/2015

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