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Entretiens sur l'art
dal 6/3/2014 al 6/3/2014
7 pm

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Emmanuelle Grange

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Entretiens sur l'art

Fondation d'Entreprise Ricard, Paris

Une Lignee Bresilienne: Oiticica, Neto

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Une Lignee Bresilienne: Oiticica, Neto. Patrick Javault invites Eric Alliez, philosopher, accompanied by Lorenzo Benedetti, director of De Appel arts centre Amsterdam. With Undoing the Image, Eric Alliez explores a contemporary art-thought with the regime of the diagram as a driving principle. The author put together a collection of essays, or boxes, with his masters and sources of inspiration Deleuze and Guattari. Using Matisse-Duchamp as an 'arc of forces', these texts subject the contemporary to an archeological study and perform a genealogy of practices, including theoretical practices (Buren, Brus, Matta-Clark, Oiticica).

The order of fireflies
dal 13/9/2015 al 30/10/2015

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