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Tobias Rehberger
dal 3/12/2008 al 3/12/2008
ore 19

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Tobias Rehberger

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Tobias Rehberger

Staatliche Hochschule fuer Bildende Kuenste-Staedelschule, Frankfurt

The Pavilion: Interim Passage and Polemics in Art & Architecture-Public Lecture

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The Architecture Class presents: 'The Pavilion: Interim Passage and Polemics in Art & Architecture'- Public Lecture Series Winter Semester 2008-9: a series of public lectures that address the pavilion as typology and idea in relation to architecture and the arts. Tobias Rehberger, Stadelschule graduate and art professor since 2001, produces work of great artistic complexity and intimacy with design. The production flirts with the contemporary status of objects, space, commodification and innovation. To a discussion about architecture, art and the typology of the pavilion, Tobias Rehberger brings ideas and a portfolio of work that bespeaks the disciplinary and typological strictures, yet suspend the same relative to an urgency of production.

Wolfgang Tillmans
dal 13/11/2012 al 13/11/2012

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