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Judith Hopf/Philippe Rahm
dal 16/12/2008 al 18/12/2008
ore 19

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Judith Hopf
Philippe Rahm

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Judith Hopf/Philippe Rahm

Stadelschule, Frankfurt

Two lectures with Judith Hopf and Philippe Rahm

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Judith Hopf takes the Portikus exhibition Turen (2007 in collaboration with Henrik Olesen) as an starting point of her lecture to exemplify further and recent projects and works. Doors showed a collaborative project developed by Judith Hopf and Henrik Olesen. Doors offered passageways, entrances and exits, detours and cul-de-sacs, and repeatedly asked the viewer to come to a new decision. Philippe Rahm's lecture at the Stadelschule investigates the concept of architecture as a physiological environment. Dealing with physiological and often invisible aspects of space the Paris-based architect raises the possibility that climate can replace the typology, function and form of what we use and define as architecture.

dal 7/11/2012 al 7/11/2012

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