Hannover Expo 2000
Expo 2000
Hannover Expo 2000
dal 31/5/2000 al 31/10/2000
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Hannover Expo 2000

Hannover Expo 2000, Hannover

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Music and theatre, art and cinema, for 153 days and nights: The culture and events programme at EXPO2000 has something to offer for everyone. Artists from around the world can be seen performing at the key events and at the daily short performances.

Peter Stein directs a performance of Goethe's 'Faust', parts one and two, in a 21-hour stage marathon. Every night after sunset the dramatic pyrotechnical spectacle 'Flambée - Human Facets' entertains the visitors.

But it is not only the celebrities who are the focus of the culture and events programme. EXPO2000 offers an opportunity for young artists to create something new and unusual. One example is the arts project 'In Between': Gabriel Orozco is setting up a Ferris wheel that descends down to 5 metres underground. Roman Signer hoists a gigantic flag on top of Hermes Tower.
The culture and events programme has already begun - at the EXPO Café and all around Hanover.

Rueda de la fortuna (Wheel of fortune)
Gabriel Orozco
1/6/ - 31/10/2000 09:00

A Ferris wheel for which the sky is not the limit and which also takes you deep inside the Earth's interior, high and low, to heaven and hell - the Ferris wheel created by the Mexican artist Gabriel Orozco (born 1962 in Veracruz) will symbolise all of this.
Half of his "In Between" installation - named Rueda de la Fortuna (Wheel of Fortune) - will be submerged in the ground so that visitors will be taken up to 10 metres below the Earth's surface only to be lifted just as high above the ground. The Ferris wheel, located at the East Entrance of the EXPO-Plaza, will be run by a local fairground operator during EXPO 2000.

Flag on the Hermes Tower - Roman Signer
1/6/ - 31/10/2000 09:00

Flag-waving at the World Exposition - whoever thinks of a Swiss tradition is only partly right. Roman Signer, the Swiss artist from St. Gallen, is installing a steel track on the viewing platform of the Hermes Tower at a height of 60 metres. Here, at the highest spot of the EXPO site, he will have a gigantic flag rotating over the visitors' heads.
This monumental presentation, part of the EXPO project "In Between" will remind those who see it of the original reason behind flag-waving, namely to communicate a message over a long distance and to large numbers of people.

Gerhard Merz: Art at the freight depot
28/5/ - 31/10/2000 11:00 - 17:00

At the main freight depot in Hanover, the artist Gerhard Merz will be erecting a pavilion of steel, clear and white glass, illuminated by 10,000 neon lights. This pavilion is the centre-piece of the four-part exhibition "Hanover: 2000", organised by the 'Kunstverein Hannover'. The other parts of the exhibition can be viewed at the 'Künstlerhaus Hannover': A "Studiolo" with the artist's works, a passage made of glass and steel and a library. With this exhibition, Merz places himself in the tradition on modernity. He refers directly to Ludwig Mies van der Rohe's famous pavilion of the World Exposition 1928/29 in Barcelona.

Conferences and congresses
More information on realising conferences and congresses on the exhibition grounds are available directly from EXPO2000.

Turn your functions into experiences. Combine the unique opportunity represented by EXPO 2000 with your own special concern: family parties, incentives, conferences for business associates, customers and much more besides.... EXPO 2000 offers you the right platform for every occasion.

Contact: Mrs. Christine Köller Key Account Manager Conferences and Congresses Tel.: +49 (0)511-8404-93701 Fax: +49 (0)511-8404-377
Entrance tickets for the EXPO 2000 will allow you to enter the World Exposition site between 9 and 24 hours.
There are a great many attractions on the EXPO 2000 Site.
Among these are:
The pavilions of the participating countries
The event venues for the Culture and Events programme
The Global House of the Projects around the World
The halls of the Thematic Area
See http://www.expo2000.de/englisch/plan/index.html

Hannover Expo 2000
dal 31/5/2000 al 31/10/2000

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