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Move: Weekend
dal 25/11/2010 al 27/11/2010
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Lara Delaney

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Move: Weekend

Southbank Centre, London

Three-day celebration of visual art, dance and performance

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Move: Weekend is a three-day celebration of visual art, dance and performance, with talks, discussions and performances exploring the historic and current relationship between visual arts, performance and dance. Cognitts ive scientists Scott deLahunta and David Kirsh are joined by Simone Forti and Sian Ede to discuss how we explore the world with bodies in the context of choreographic practice. Franz Erhard Walther is joined by philosopher of mind Alva Noe and choreographers Yvonne Rainer and Siobhan Davies, to discuss distinctive perceptions of time and space in visual arts and dance. Andre Lepecki leads a discussion foregrounding dance and other structured movement systems as vehicles for political and social critique, with Tania Bruguera, Bojana Cvejic and Xavier Le Roy. Yvonne Rainer talks about her practice evolving from choreography to filmmaking with Chantal Pontbriand. William Forsythe, Tino Sehgal and Janine Antoni discuss what parallels can be drawn between choreography and an extended notion of sculpture. From 26 November, day and weekend passes available on booking.

Festival of Love
dal 27/6/2014 al 30/8/2014

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