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COIL Festival

Performance Space 122, New York

17 companies boasting over 100 artists and collaborators, and spanning theatre, dance, multi-media, psycho-sexual storytelling, and live music.

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The 6th Annual COIL Festival is as spring-loaded as ever. 17 companies boasting over 100 artists and collaborators, and spanning theatre, dance, multi-media, psycho-sexual storytelling, and live music, not to mention chat-bots will help us kick-off what promises to be a very exciting New Year.

Kim Noble
Kim Noble Will Die
Fri, Jan 7 7:30PM / Sat, Jan 8 10PM / Mon, Jan 10 10PM / Tue, Jan 11 5PM / Thu, Jan 13 10PM / Fri, Jan 14 7:30PM / Sat, Jan 15 10PM
Extends beyond COIL through January 22.

"Shocking, beautiful and profound. It will blow your mind." - Time Out

Life is tough. Kim Noble will help you get through it whilst laying bare his plans for departing this world. In a series of benevolent acts, audience members are written into Kim's legally binding Last Will andTestament, provided with guides to surviving terrorist plots on the underground, money is given away and, perhaps most touching of all, containers of Kim's sperm will be available to female audience members in a bid to populate the world with genius once he is dead. Find out more

Annie Dorsen
Hello Hi There
Thu, Jan 6 7:30PM / Sun, Jan 9 5PM / Mon, Jan 10 5PM / Tue, Jan 11 10PM / Thu, Jan 13 7:30PM / Fri, Jan 14 10PM
Extends beyond COIL through January 22.

Language is meaningless, thought is pointless, and we're all gonna die. Hello, hi there!
New York director Annie Dorsen takes the famous television debate between the philosopher Michel Foucault and linguist and activist Noam Chomsky from the Seventies as inspiration and material for a dialogue between two specially developed chatbots: every evening, these computer programs designed to mimic human conversations perform a new - as it were, improvised - live text. Find out more

The BodyCartography Project
Fri, Jan 7 4:30PM / Sat, Jan 8 9:30PM / Sun, Jan 9 4:30PM / Mon, Jan 10 6:30PM

"A stirring piece, viscerally, and you'll be thinking about it afterwards, as I am now." - TC Daily Planet

Join twins dancer Otto Ramstad and visual artist Emmett Ramstad as they examine the human body, investigate notions of social bodies versus biological bodies, and explore the gaps between seeing, knowing and empathy. Symptom inspects the slippage between subjective and objective understandings of the human body, where a symptom acts as an indicator, trait, feature, mark or sign that is open for interpretation. Sound composed by electro-acoustic instrumentalist Andrea Parkins. Find out more

Vivi Tellas
Rabbi Rabino
Co-presented with Rattlestick Theatre
Wed, Jan 5 9:30PM / Thu, Jan 6 6:30PM / Sun, Jan 9 6:30PM / Tue, Jan 11 6:30PM / Thu, Jan 13 6:30PM / Sat, Jan 15 9:30PM

Renowned Argentinian director Vivi Tellas kidnaps reality, placing two Conservative Rabbis onstage to perform their own autobiographies - ranging from jokes to Jewish food to their opinions on Charlton Heston's "The 10 Commandments." On the threshold where simple reality transforms into performance, RABBI RABINO captures pieces of theatricality outside the theatre, placing them onstage in a unique context where audiences can connect with the Rabbi's world in a whole new way. Find out more

Ranters Theatre
Thu, Jan 6 9:30PM / Fri, Jan 9:30PM / Sat, Jan 8 6:30PM / Mon, Jan 10 9:30PM / Tue, Jan 11 9:30PM / Thu, Jan 13 9:30PM / Fri, Jan 14 9:30PM / Sat, Jan 15 6:30PM

"An extraordinary piece of theatre" - Emer O'Kelly, Irish Independent

In a moment of relaxation and quite reflection two men unwittingly engage. Spontaneous, unaffected and thrillingly real, innocent discussion becomes an exploration of private fantasy, hidden anxiety, personal mythology, and the most inexplicable behavior.

From the bar to the chaise lounge, Holiday is the journey of man's simple complexities, set within a sparingly elegant design, complimented a contemporary baroque musical score sampling Vivaldi, Corelli and Albinoni.
Find out more

Teatro Delle Albe
Ouverture Alcina
Wed, Jan 5 10PM / Thu, Jan 6 10PM / Sun, Jan 9 10PM / Mon, Jan 10 7:30PM

"This is a remarkable performance, the script superb, irreproachable" - Muriel Mingau, Le Populaire

A fight between the power of the voice and of music, a deep and surprising alchemy that draws the figure of the sorceress, wounded by love, in her iconic immobility. No action, no spectacle, just a ghost that howls an untreatable pain. A "canto" in Romagnol dialect, an "ultra-local" language that makes a strongpoint of its incommunicability, objective music. Music: Luigi Ceccarelli Find out more

Stories Left to Tell
Created from classic and unpublished work of Spalding Gray
Wed, Jan 5 6:30PM / Fri, Jan 7 6:30PM / Sun, Jan 9 9:30PM / Tue, Jan 11 4:30PM

Starring Ain Gordon, Kathleen Chalfant, Hazelle Goodman, and Bob Holman with special guest stars nightly
When Spalding Gray succumbed to depression and took his life in the winter of 2004, he left behind a loving family, a legion of devoted fans and an enormous body of work. Stories Left to Tell charts a uniquely personal journey through Spalding's inimitable perspective and voice, featuring excerpts from his hilarious monologues juxtaposed with journal entries, poems, and other unpublished - and previously unperformed - writing. Find out more

Ain Gordon
A Disaster Begins
Mon, Jan 10 4:30PM

"Seeking order in a life, a war, and a deluge...(with) cleareyed passion." - The New York Times

A lone woman's unbreakable bond with the hurricane that devastated the Texas island of Galveston in 1900, taking 6,000 lives in a single night.
With only a pitcher of water and drinking glass she unravels the shocking truth behind this disaster, weaving in tales of presidential corruption, pubescent despair, patriotic fervor, pre-marital passion and paralyzing writer's block.
Find out more

Jack Ferver
Rumble Ghost
Fri, Jan 7 10PM / Sat, Jan 8 7:30PM / Sun, Jan 9 7:30PM

Horror movies will never be as terrifying and shocking as the human psyche. They act as metaphors - scary stories that offer a release or escape from the more devastating twists and turns of an unquiet mind. Without ghosts to explain haunted houses, we are left with the pain sites of crumbling careers, failing marriages, abused children. In Rumble Ghost, as the flimsy membrane between an American horror movie classic and the fragility of the human condition deteriorates, the darkest place in the world is shown to be right up there: in your mind. Find out more

Amanda Loulaki & Short Mean Lady
I Am Saying Goodnight
Fri, Jan 7 5PM / Sat, Jan 8 5PM / Tue, Jan 11 7:30PM

"She is certainly intense, and she is certainly talented." - John Rockwell, The New York Times

Every night I AM SAYING GOODNIGHT only to wake up in the morning longing for the smell of coffee and start all over again until exhausted I AM SAYING GOODNIGHT only to wake up in the morning longing for the smell of coffee.


From Commission to Global Circulation
Saturday, January 8th at PS122
11AM - 1PM
A free conversation for contemporary performance stakeholders hosted by Performance Space 122 and the Trust for Mutual Understanding. A light brunch provided by VBar St. Mark's.
FREE Reservation required

Discussants include:
PENNIE OJEDA Director of International Activities National Endowment for the Arts
BARBARA LANCIERS Program Officer Trust for Mutual Understanding
RENATA PETRONI Director of International Projects National Performance Network
VALLEJO GANTNER Artist Director Performance Space 122

What does it really mean to be international?
What strategies exist to foster more transnational reciprocity for contemporary performance?
(45 minutes round table discussion & 45 minutes open room discussion)

Performance Space 122 is represented by Richard Kornberg and Associates Public Relations.
For most press inquiries, please contact Danielle McGarry at 212-944-9444

January 5 - 15, 2011

Performance Space 122
150 1st Avenue, New York USA
5 tickets for $55: The PS122 Passport Recommended for Performance Lovers - tickets valid for PS122 presentations through June 30, 2011
10 tickets for $100: The All-Access COIL Passport Recommended for professional arts presenters - tickets valid for COIL performances only
Single Tickets to onsite performances: $20*, $15 (students/seniors)
*Single Tickets to Stories Left to Tell: $30

COIL Festival
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