Enactments of the Self
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Enactments of the Self
dal 23/10/2002 al 24/11/2002
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Enactments of the Self

Enactments of the Self, Graz

The project highlights a growing tendency and desire in contemporary art to articulate existential issues. In a variety of ways, the artists in the project lend visibility to exploratory narratives of identity. Provocative, seductive, entertaining or funny, performative actions and events. A project by Maia Damianovic

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Enactments of the Self highlights a growing tendency and desire in contemporary art to articulate existential issues. In a variety of ways, the artists in the project lend visibility to exploratory narratives of identity.

To encourage new forms of pro active engagement between art and diverse publics, Enactments of the Self presents a variety of performances, performative actions and choreographed moments in indoor venues and outdoor locations throughout Graz.

Whether, provocative, seductive, entertaining or funny, the situations, performative actions and events that the artists in Enactments of the Self present, emphasize a more directly experiential and less mediated relation with various life experiences. Instead, they refocus attention away from the artist as central performer and move away from the closure or singularity of the ego as the pivotal vehicle of creative communication, towards a more intersubjective connection with various cultural, social and political realities.

Whatever political motivation or back drop may be involved, numerous events of our time document an immense collective desire for self-determination and the rights of individuation. Enactments of the Self provides insights into places where the Self and the world can no longer be securely accounted for, but only reinvented.

Participating artists:

Maja Bajevic & Emanuel Licha: I did not know
A labyrinthine glass structure on the main square of Graz, in which the artists - and other couples - watch and comment on footage of contemporary wars for days and nights.

Carolina Caycedo: daytoday
The artist will organize her stay in Graz based on the idea of sharing. People are invited to support this non-monetary experience by exchanging the items, products or services Caycedo offers.

Irene Dapunt: Holding dreams
A sequence of 24 single pictures showing details of the artist’s face immediately after having woken up will be set up in the Stadtpark of Graz.

Brenda Fassie
Brenda Fassie, 'South Africa’s Kwaito Queen', eccentric diva and media personality, will be giving her first concert in Austria in the Schauspielhaus Graz on October 24, 20.00.

Kendell Geers: My Tongue in Your Cheek
Loops of canned laughter are amplified through outdoor speakers at sites in Graz, presenting an ironic comment on shopping and consumption habits.

Radio Helsinki
The local pioneers in independent radio broadcasting take care of an area-wide coverage of all activities related to "Enactments of the Self" with the aim of surprising listeners again and again.

Barbara Holub: zwischen rollen
A piece of garden will be set up in the Enactments Stage, inviting visitors to an 'over-the-fence' talk. Various people will be selected in public castings held in the urban space in a specially adapted American limousine.

N55: Snail Shell System
The artist collective presents a low cost system that enables people to move around, change their whereabouts and live in various environments.

Lucy Orta: 70 x 7. The Meal
42 guests, specifically drawn from a variety of different fields are invited to share a communal dinner. Each of the guests is asked to invite six more people to a buffet taking place two weeks later.

Lygia Pape: Divisor
Passersby participate in a communal interaction using the backdrop of a large white cloth that is perforated with holes through which people can fit their heads and arms. (This performance was first realized in 1968.)

Ward Shelley: The Tunnel
The artist and a crew of 'termites' bore a tunnel through the Enactments Stage, in which they live and work, visible to the public only through live video cameras.

Taro Shinoda: Medium
A set of twins sitting in chairs mounted overhead, eating a meal prepared by an on-site chef according to menu choices made independently by the sisters. Shinoda considers the nonverbal communication of twins a new model for interpersonal relationships.

SIMPARCH is developping a new project especially for Graz. SIMPARCH's primary interest is in exploring how we relate to the commonplace structures of everyday life.

Edda Strobl (tonto)
Designs the line of communication with the public in the form of a series of small formate self adhesive flyers, placed in the whole city of Graz.

Gitte Villesen in co-operation with Lars Erik Frank: Solveig
The artists present the life and thoughts of a 66-year-old transsexual called Solveig, the process of re-considering, re-defining and re-verbalizing an entire existence.

Erwin Wurm: One Minute Sculpture
In this piece from the One-Minute-Sculptures series a performer reenacts scenes choreographed by the artist.

Paris based curator Maia Damianovic has put together shows like Transformal (Vienna Secession,1996); The Invisible Touch (Kunstraum Innsbruck, 2000); Days of Hope, (Frame Program Venice Biennale 2001) and To Actuality (AR/GE Kunst, Bolzano 2002). She is also collaborating with Tema Celeste from New York and Paris and writes for several other international art publications, including Artpress, Camera Austria, Trans and museums catalogues.

Image: Lucy Orta, 70 x 7, The Meal, Courtesy Kunstraum Innsbruck

Venue: Enactments Stage and the public space
Duration: October 24 - November 24, 2002
Hours: Tues - Sun 10 a.m. - 6 p.m., Thurs 10 a.m. - 8 p.m.
Inauguration Enactments Stage: October 26, 2002 / 17.00

Enactments Stage
Belgiergasse 8a 8020 Graz Austria

Enactments of the Self
dal 23/10/2002 al 24/11/2002

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