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Sam Lewitt: What Might a Graphic Be For?
dal 31/1/2011 al 31/1/2011
ore 19

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Sam Lewitt

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Sam Lewitt: What Might a Graphic Be For?

Stadelschule, Frankfurt

Lecture. The artist speaks about the indistinct core of the word 'graphic'

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Sam Lewitt will be speaking about the indistinct core of the word 'graphic' as it etymologically slides from writing to drawing, from the disciplined protocols of alphabetic literacy to the perception of image distinction. A caricature by J.J. Grandville and an advertisement by El Lissitzky, both depicting animated pens, will serve as springboards for the discussion of an inverted graphology: one which reads the equipment used for the production of text/images as holding the sedimented contradictions of the ideologies that structure its use. Sam Lewitt constructs self-questioning constellations of detailed matter such as book jackets, newspaper templates, posters, coins, drawings and dust. Focusing on the use of written language in art and its historical conjuncture with imaging and display technologies, Lewitt constructs allegorical records of literacy by throwing a sideways light on techniques for the imaging of language.

dal 7/11/2012 al 7/11/2012

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