Centro Cultural de Belem - CCB
Praca do Imperio 1499
21 3612400 FAX 21 3612500
Soup Cloud
dal 1/3/2011 al 2/6/2011
Rehearsal Room 2-4 march 11 am, 5 march 3:30pm, 6 march 11:30am

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Sofia Cardim

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Soup Cloud

Centro Cultural de Belem - CCB, Lisboa

A Gastronomic Thriller - Companhia Caotica. A multidisciplinary show that crosses film, music and live soup

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In a kitchen stands a father with his son as just parents know how to be. The child is hungry, but this time he just wants the soup that his grandfather prepared. Then the father goes in search of the bean soup recipe his own father had. Old aunts, childhood friends and neighbours help him on this trip. He remembers that the soup had a sound, and maybe that was the secret recipe. But what was that sound? This gastronomic thriller tells us about the handover and the constant transformation of children into parents, parents into grandparents, grandparents into...

dal 6/5/2011 al 6/5/2011

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