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Jutta Koether & Tony Conrad
dal 7/4/2011 al 8/4/2011
ore 18.15

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Jutta Koether
Tony Conrad

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Jutta Koether & Tony Conrad

Moderna Museet, Stockholm

A performance in the exhibition The Thirst

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Jutta Koether's performance with Kim Gordon at the opening 4 March left us begging for more. Now, Koether returns to The Thirst at Moderna Museet, this time in the company of the experimental film-maker, video artist and musician Tony Conrad. Together, they will do a unique performance in the exhibition room. Jutta Koether has invited the experimental film-maker, video artist and musician Tony Conrad to take part in a high-level performance. As a comment on the installation Berliner Schlussel, Koether and Conrad will explore the installation together from above, and let their respective instruments meet. Friday, 8 April, 6.15 pm - a performance by and with Jutta Koether and Tony Conrad in the exhibition The Thirst. Saturday, 9 April, 2pm - a talk and film screening by and with Tony Conrad in the Cinema.

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