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Ensemble Mosaik
dal 30/4/2011 al 30/4/2011
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Ensemble Mosaik

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Ensemble Mosaik

NBK Neuer Berliner Kunstverein, Berlin

Concert. Compositions are performed which ascribe special importance to the visual context

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At this encounter of music and visual arts, the compositions are treated as independent exhibits, which enter a dialogue with the exhibition space and the visitors. Together with works by Enno Poppe, Michael Pelzel, Liza Lim and Gerald Eckert, new electronic compositions by Stefan Streich are arranged as an acoustic environment, which are directly related to the exhibition setting designed by Karin Sander: can music be an exhibit? The ensemble has already developed two compositions together with the artist and with this new program, continues the long-term collaboration. On top of this, ensemble mosaik with this project takes up its concert series Sichtbare Musik (Visible Music). Here, too, compositions are performed, which ascribe special importance to the visual context of live music and consciously include it. ensemble mosaic was formed in 1997 from an initiative of young instrumentalists and composers in Berlin. They are interested in the diversity of aesthetic concepts and forms of expression in contemporary music. The ensemble has been working for years, increasingly with artists from other disciplines in order to promote an exchange with various positions. One particular emphasis is put on the examination of visual and performance approaches. (Image: Karin Sander, installation view Foto: n.b.k./Jens Ziehe)

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