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Abandon Normal Devices (AND)
dal 28/9/2011 al 1/10/2011
+44 (0)151 7074448
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Emma Pettit

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Abandon Normal Devices (AND)

Different venues, Liverpool

An energetic regional festival of new cinema and digital culture

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An energetic regional festival of new cinema and digital culture. A catalyst for production and experimentation, AND is a call to arms inviting anarchists of the imagination to propose striking perspectives on technological, physical and social normality. We welcome audiences to experience the best in new cinema and digital culture in a celebration that spills from screens and galleries into the streets and imaginations of the Northwest. For 2011, the focus is belief as we entertain an era of scepticism, and gullibility where believing nothing is inextricably linked with believing everything. Turning techno-mysticism on high, the festival will bring forces both animal and algorithmic to encourage audiences to question their beliefs, with transcendental provocations from virtual infiltrators and trending prophets - we situate mind-altering art alongside a shrine for the cult and new cinema. AND is a 2012 inspired festival, funded by Legacy Trust UK and part of WE PLAY, the Northwest cultural legacy programme for the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

Liverpool Biennial 2014
dal 2/7/2014 al 25/10/2014

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