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Different venues, Madrid

Contemporary Cultural Activities. Beyond the halls of ARCOmadrid

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ARCOmadrid 2012 continues after the fair closes, taking over urban space and sharing its content with the city. For the first time, the AfterARCO programme will be held. This initiative will bring the fair and its activities into the city and infuse its spaces with the vitality of contemporary art. Various spaces in Madrid will host screenings by artists such as Eugenio Ampudia; Guido van der Werve; Jeroen Kooijmans; Lernet & Sander; Pablo Valbuena and Ruth Gomez, interventions in the urban space, such as by Nico Munuera in Plaza de Cibeles, and concerts including the Martin Creed Band and Planetas DJ. Full programme on the site.

Apertura 2015
dal 9/9/2015 al 11/9/2015

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