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Three lectures
dal 28/5/2012 al 30/5/2012
ore 19

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Theresa Kampmeier

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Three lectures

Stadelschule, Frankfurt

Mark Wigley / Nora Schultz / Can Altay

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Tuesday, 29 May at 19 'Mark Wigley: Utzon's Wings: The Mythology of the Global Architect: one of the world's most innovative and critical voices in architecture returns to the Stadelschule when Mark Wigley, professor and since 2004 the Dean of Columbia University Graduate School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation, lectures on the mythology of the global architect this coming Tuesday". Wednesday, 30 May at 19, Nora Schultz: "her work examines the genesis of pictorial representation and production as an artistic dynamic. She is less interested in the finished work than in how images and objects come into being and in the physical traces that process leaves behind. The actualities of production accordingly play a central role in her prints, printing machines, installations, and performances; process always remains legible. Nora Schultz talks about her practice and her upcoming exhibition at Portikus". Thursday, 31 May at 19, "Can Altay: Inhabitants, Settings, Collectivities: he is an artist living in Istanbul whose practice traverses the fields of architecture, art, design and social commentary. Often taking the form of research projects or mixed-media installations, his work explores and delineates individuals' relationship with their urban environments. Trained as as an architect, Altay studies improvise spaces in the city, as well as hidden structures of support, unauthorised systems of organisation and models of co-habitation" (image: Can Altay, Installation view, Church Street Partners' Gazette, Showroom, London, 2011).

dal 7/11/2012 al 7/11/2012

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