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Peter Cook
dal 20/6/2012 al 20/6/2012
ore 19

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Peter Cook

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Peter Cook

Staatliche Hochschule fuer Bildende Kuenste-Staedelschule, Frankfurt

A Public Lecture

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Sir Cook is the director of CRAB Studio, formed in 2006. Since its inception CRAB has won competitions for the Verbania Theatre in Piedmont, Italy; the Law School of the Vienna Economics University and the School of Architecture building for Bond University in Queensland, Australia, amongst numerous other prizes including three versions of the Taiwan Tower in Taichung. CRAB studio is closely associated with the Bartlett and Architectural Association in London, ESA in Paris, Lund University in Sweden, and SCI-Arc in Los Angeles.

Wolfgang Tillmans
dal 13/11/2012 al 13/11/2012

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