Kleiner Sendesaal
Funkhaus Nalepastrasse 18-50

Maryanne Amacher
dal 27/7/2012 al 27/7/2012
+49 (0)30 4849635
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Maryanne Amacher

Kleiner Sendesaal, Berlin

Supreme Connections Laboratory. 'Intelligent Life' Presentations and concert

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In Amacher's treatment "Intelligent Life", she imagines a future laboratory dedicated to radical sonic experimentation entitled "Supreme Connections, Inc." Responding to this imagined institution, the workshop will explore Amacher's working materials and methods toward clarifying a future trajectory for presenting her works. On two Saturdays, "results" from this Amacher study center will be publicly presented along with talks, discussions and concerts. A project of the Berlin Kunstlerprogramm, curated by Axel John Wieder in collaboration with Bill Dietz, Micah Silver, and Robert The.

Maryanne Amacher
dal 27/7/2012 al 27/7/2012

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