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Sudo document
dal 30/8/2012 al 30/8/2012
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Sudo document

Lubomirov-Easton, London

A four month educational programme consisting of a series of lectures and talks that will allow accessibility to the thoughts, ideologies and pedagogical studies of important Curators, Artists and Gallerists throughout the UK working both independently or through institutions.

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Sudo, in its purest form, evokes ownership ‘su’ and action ‘do’.

As the education sector in the UK moves into a new unprecedented period of change we feel that it is important to take ownership of our own educational paths and evoke action.

We are pleased to present “sudo document”, a four month educational programme consisting of a series of lectures and talks that will allow accessibility to the thoughts, ideologies and pedagogical studies of important Curators, Artists and Gallerists throughout the UK working both independently or through institutions.

These lectures, once presented, will be edited and broadcast immediately in the gallery on a continuous loop serving as both a ‘sudo document’ and a reference video to be viewed at all times during the galleries opening hours.

These lectures and talks will then form a publication that will be launched after the educational programme is completed; this will feature an over view of the programme as well as artworks and writings from all the contributors. This will be made available for reference at educational Libraries and also for sale in bookshops.

Ami Clarke - Is an artist who runs the reading room and project space Banner Repeater on Platform 1, Hackney Downs train station. The project is driven by its location, dedicated to developing critical art in the public realm, in the natural interstice the platform and incidental footfall of over 4,000 passengers a day provides. The reading room holds a collection of artist's books and other printed material, for both browsing and purchase. The permanent collection is home to Publish and be Damned’s public library. The emphasis on multiple points of dissemination, via pamphlets and posters published from the site, and the other free material distributed, as well as on-line activities, and the siting of the archive of artists’ publications as a public library; a resource to be utilised by both local community and visitors in a working station environment, remain key.

Her practice continues to develop alongside facilitating Banner Repeater, which could be considered a unique research model, helping to inform her practice in a working train station environment. Her work is concerned with structures of meaning, amidst the semiotics of everyday life, and what kind of representation could possibly articulate the complexities and contradictions of life working as an artist today. She has exhibited extensively nationally and internationally, with a recent solo show in Tokyo, and works collaboratively on several projects emanating from Banner Repeater.

She received the Chelsea Arts Club Trust artist-led space award, 2011-12, for Banner Repeater, which is supported by the Arts Council England, the Elephant Trust, AIESF Hackney Council, and Greater Anglia rail.

For her talk Ami will discuss the relationship between her role as an artist and facilitator of Banner Repeater; specifically diagramming.

Carlos Noronha Feio - Has a diverse practice that includes actions, performance, video, drawing, painting, photography and installation as research into cultural, local and global identity. He frequently adopts culturally significant images, locations and symbols as a form of creative interference with meaning, and demonstrates the almost arbitrary nature in which cultural significance is adopted or interpreted. Noronha Feio runs The Mews Project Space, an artist run project in an out building located in an alley at the back of the newly refurbished Whitechapel Art Gallery.

He is currently doing a PhD at the Royal College of Art where he is researching dispositifs that artists and non artists alike can assimilate and disseminate. Enabling them to employ in a non abstract manner, strategies that empower the individual in relation to the modern state, to the Sovereign. For this talk, Noronha Feio will be speaking about his Art4Debt project, and the way that utilising the language of finance a sense of true Global citizenry, of borderlesness and real accountability can be reached.

Cedar Lewisohn – Is an artist and curator based in London. He curated the exhibition Street Art at Tate Modern in 2008 and co-curated the exhibition Rude Britannia at Tate Britain in 2010. In 2010 he co-curated the UK touring exhibition Orbitecture and in 2012 he curated the exhibition Les Flaur de Mal at the BWA Gallery, Wrocław , Poland. In 2008 he wrote the book, Street Art: The Graffiti Revolution (Tate), and in 2011 his book Abstract Graffiti was published by Merell. Cedar will be speaking about his art practice and how this informs his curatorial practice.

Mark Jackson – Is a curator both at IMT Gallery, which he co-founded in 2005, and independently. After receiving a First in Fine Art Painting at the University of East London he studied an MA in Fine Art Media at the Slade School of Fine Art, specialising in sound and audiovisual practice. He has a particular interest in inter-disciplinary practice and is also an associate lecturer at London College of Communication where he is currently writing up his PhD.

His research considers the experiments with sound and concepts of space of William S. Burroughs in the '60s and '70s as the basis for a curatorial strategy for sound art. His research has led to him curating exhibitions around previously unexhibited work by William Burroughs: Dead Fingers Talk at IMT Gallery in 2010, which toured to Galleri Box, Gothenburg, in 2012, Silencer at Payne Shurvell, London, in 2010 and the recent Swarms of Black Flies Make the Roses Purple at IMT Gallery in 2012.

Mark is a frequent guest speaker and lecturer in a broad range of fields including fine art, arts funding, music and curating, and was visiting professor at Trinity College of Music in 2004. He is currently working on the forthcoming programme of exhibitions at IMT Gallery alongside projects at Angus-Hughes Gallery and the London College of Communication. For his lecture he will be discussing the relationship between his role as curator at IMT Gallery and his PhD research.

Lecture Schedule:
Friday 31st August - Mark Jackson 6.30 – 8pm
Saturday 8th September – Cedar Lewisohn 3 – 4.30pm
Saturday 15th September – Carlos Noronha Feio 3 – 4.30pm
TBC - Ami Clarke 6.30 – 8pm

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