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Detour 2012
dal 29/11/2012 al 15/12/2012
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Detour 2012

Different venues, Hong Kong

Design Renegade. Hong Kong's leading design festival features the work of 240 designers organising cultural exchanges between Europe, the US and Asia. The theme of 2012 is a call to arms for the international design community to become urban agents of change in Hong Kong.

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(Hong Kong, 6 November) DETOUR 2012, Hong Kong’s leading design festival, will showcase the work of 240 designers from 30 November to 16 December. An international team will curate DETOUR for the first time this year, with John Bela, Founder of progressive design studio Rebar, and public art specialist Justine Topfer, both from San Francisco, joining Creative Director Aidan Li. DETOUR 2012 will take place in the former Police Headquarters in Wan Chai - the first time the space has ever been opened to the public.

DETOUR exists to promote and support Hong Kong’s emerging talent; showcasing young artists’ work alongside major international commissions and by organising cultural exchanges between Europe, the US and Asia. Relationships established through DETOUR are building an international network, which will further cement Hong Kong as one of Asia’s most important hubs for design. The design industry is one of the fastest-growing segments amongst the creative industries in Hong Kong. Their value increased from HKD1 billion in 2005 to HKD2.9 billion in 2010, representing a growth of 24% per annum.

Design Renegade, the theme for DETOUR 2012, is a call to arms for the international design community to become urban agents of change in Hong Kong. Designers will employ guerrilla tactics to breathe new life into the ordinary, reinvigorating the fabric of the urban environment. Design Renegade will question our perceptions of public space. High-density housing and cramped space are synonymous with Hong Kong living. Do public spaces really belong to the public, who are the true beneficiaries? Do residents put public space to the best use? How can Hong Kong’s design solutions be used on a global level?


-Shell Star Pavilion by Andrew Kudless (USA): a Bauhinia flower, the symbol of the Hong Kong flag, will be used as the design for an interactive seating area.
-Wave of Growth by The Cave: Social furniture created for visitors which comments on Hong Kong’s many construction sites.
-Unfolding the Possible XII by Tim Li: a major installation using folding nylon beds; an iconic symbol of Hong Kong’s 2msq public housing apartments.
-Hong Kong Fountain House by Raumlabor (BERLIN): a shrine-like building, built to house a fountain installed specially for DETOUR.
-Crying in Public by Candy Chang and James Reeves of Civic Centre (USA): a major public art campaign, comprising giant blackboards, billboards, stickers, stencils and signs, asking passers-by to contributing their personal stories.
-Hawkerama II by Kacey Wong: 20 artists and designers will present an individually designed 1.1msqm hawker booth, encouraging more interaction with existing hawkers in the city.
-Snake Trolley by Wong Tin Yan: A giant snake built from discarded wooden pallets using traditional Chinese joining techniques, which will tour the city.
-Mobile XYZ Factory by N55 (COPENHAGEN): A workshop for multi-purpose ‘Spaceframe’ vehicles, designed by N55, will demonstrate an alternative to cars within the heavily urbanized city.
-Urban Soundscapes by Otto Li: an immersive installation set within the former Police Headquarters, using digital modeling to create a 3D depiction of the sounds of Wan Chai.
-Path of Life by Start from Zero: Underground movement Start from Zero will use graffiti, stencils and sticker art to map the streets of Wan Chai, using found materials and discarded wood, creating signs to direct visitors to DETOUR.
-Cell by Caroline Mak: A major sculptural installation throughout the Former Police Headquarters, interacting with original features such as prison cells, toilets and pipes.


-Hong Kong Postcards - Wanchai by Rraay Lai: Over 900 photographs from Lai’s Postcard Series, each offering a different portrait of Wan Chai District.
-Six-Person See Saw by Billy Potts / Handsome Co: Playground-style see-saw built using FSC wood with space for six people at a time; a model light-hearted urban furniture encouraging play between strangers.
-The Selfish Giant by Patricia Choi / Yuen Yeung: a Tree will be installed on the balcony of the former Police Headquarters, using found objects to decorate its branches and create a lightscape.
-Human Screen by Lazehero Visionary Duo (LHVD): Multidisciplinary designer Calvin Kwok will set up a Screen-printing workshop and art therapy machine.
-Little Thunder: Graphic artist Little Thunder will set up shop within the Former Police Headquarters, creating portraits of visitors to DETOUR.
-Uni(form) by Eileen Chan / The Yesterdayskin: The Yesterdayskin explores existing objects related to the Police Headquarters, re-imagining them as part of a large-scale installation.
-Drop and Found by Anyway / Amus Leung: 20 leather cut-outs will be installed in Wan Chai as part of an installation which encourages visitors to swap their own possessions with a leather shadow version; questioning our sense of ownership.

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