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The politics of the social in contemporary art
dal 14/2/2013 al 14/2/2013

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Duncan Holden

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The politics of the social in contemporary art

Tate Modern, London


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Can art intervene in social relations? What are the implications of involving art and its audiences in an ethical problem? And how do such practices relate to art's social institutions? This symposium examines the turn towards participatory and collaborative art forms and the ethical questions that such practices raise. Featuring a keynote by Professor Shannon Jackson and contributions from Wafaa Bilal, Emma Dowling, Grupo Etcetera, Gavin Grindon, Anja Kanngieser, Fran Lloyd, Renzo Martens, Not an Alternative, Luke Skrebowski, Wochenklausur and Ztohoven. The symposium will be followed by film screenings by the day's speakers (image: Not an Alternative, Occupied Real Estate 2011. Courtesy the artist). Friday 15 February 2013, 10.30-19.

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