Berliner Philharmonie
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dal 29/4/2013 al 29/4/2013

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David Ulrichs

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Berliner Philharmonie, Berlin

A concert by visual artists

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Virtuosity, a signifier for outstanding artistic mastery, simultaneously always implies transgression. Famously embodied by the "Devil's Violinist" Niccolo' Paganini's ability to blend fear with delight, this ambiguous notion blurs the boundaries between opposing forces, and where required, between good and evil. The cellist and composer Augustin Maurs takes this ambivalence as an opportunity to invite visual artists to give a concert in the Kammersaal of the Berlin Philharmonie. Together with the distinguished musicians of the "Kammerensemble Neue Musik" and the singers from the 'Chor der Kulturen der Welt', eight Berlin-based international artists will create and perform various new musical compositions. They will take into consideration the special format of the concert, the musicians, singers and the architecture of the Philharmonie: the masterpiece of architect Hans Scharoun, one of the most prestigious concert halls in the world. The South African artist Tracey Rose presents a Reggae exercise, Olaf Nicolai makes music out of drawings and the Welsh artist Bethan Huws develops rap songs for a choir. Christoph Keller presents a musical dialogue with clouds, the French artist Saadane Afif transposes a rainy night for the ensemble and Annika Larsson explores the destructive potential of sound. The Swedish artist Klara Liden and the British-German artist Tino Sehgal will also present new works adapted especially for this space. Admission: 10/6 euro.

dal 29/4/2013 al 29/4/2013

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