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Polly Gould
dal 15/6/2013 al 15/6/2013

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Polly Gould

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Polly Gould

Danielle Arnaud Contemporary Art, London

Performative Lecture

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For the closing event on Sunday 16 June at 3pm, Polly Gould will present a 30 minute performative lecture amongst the installed artworks of the exhibition. The performance takes as a starting point the photographer Ponting's 1911 self-portrait operating a magic lantern for the polar party. Polly also refers to Wilson's hand-written notes for a lecture on sketching held at the Scott Polar Research Institute. In these notes Wilson calls for 'a copyist' rather than some expressive artistic fellow. His lecture on sketching for the men in the polar hut was a mirror image of the educational tours of Edwardian drawing rooms that Wilson undertook on return from the Discovery Expedition of 1901-04. The performative lecture takes a sideways glance at some of the people that inhabit this narrative, putting the camp back into camping. The artist uses quotation, projection and sound to present a mirroring with distortions of her encounter with elsewhere through Wilson's Antarctic archive.This performance will be accompanied by the London-based musician Hibiki Ichikawa.

Neville Gabie
dal 17/9/2015 al 24/10/2015

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