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Akademie der Kunste, Berlin

After the opening on June 21 in Berlin, the program of events continues for the following two weeks with performances, videos and films, presentations, lectures and discussions.

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After a beautiful opening at the Akademie der Künste, Berlin on June 21, and two weekends with exciting guests and presentations, the program of events continues for the following two weeks.

6 July, 8 pm, Re: Volt Feminism - Soundperformance
Protest, housework, in/visibility, precarity, laughter, humour… Focusing on materials collected by the re.act.feminism Archive, these are the keywords that provide the foundation for the performance Re:Volt Feminism. By using sound and selected video materials, Re:Volt brings together the work of many different artists, and - combined with the experimental uses of space - the performance creates zones of multi-layered dialogues, re-animating the messages of these powerful contemporary 'voices'.
Soundperformance with students of European Media Studies, University and University of Applied Sciences Potsdam, under the direction of Anne Quirynen and Simon Vincent. With Tino Bogedaly, Tina-Maleen Bölle, Sophie Labitzke, Franziska Schubert, Nora Spiekermann

9th July, 6-9 pm, Performing the Archive
(Performance-)Lectures and discussions (in German language) with Pascale Grau (research project ‘archiv performativ’, Institute for Cultural Studies in the Arts (ICS) ZHdK, Zurich), Barbara Büscher, Franz Anton Cramer, Jasmin İhraç (DFG research project ‚Verzeichnungen’, Hochschule für Musik und Theater Leipzig & Universität der Künste Berlin/HZT)

10th July, 5-7 pm, re.act.feminism - jour fixe - joint viewing of videos and films selected by artists and guests with Line Skywalker Karlstroem (SE)

13th July, 2-7 pm, Performer Stammtisch - performing the archive, workshop, registration with info@performerstammtisch.de

14th July, 12-7 pm, Schwarze Schokolade - Presentation of Berlin based artist performance group 1983 – 2013, with contributions of Chris Werner, Rotraud von der Heide, Roswitha Baumeister, Renate Hampke, Ute Wigand, Ursula Bierther, Anne Jud und Monika Funke

Akademie der Künste
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