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Different venues, Ptuj

11st Festival of Contemporary Art. The 2013 edition, "Exposed", includes projects that outline the current situation in the world of contemporary, especially visual art. The program consists of presentation of contemporary art from 26 countries and 18 special projects, including 2 special media art project.

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The programme is full of new events: from local to international, from large-scale to intimate. The 2013 festival includes projects that outline the current situation in the world of contemporary, especially visual art. We named it EXPOSE on purpose, as we do not wish to give it a common thread other than to show the diversity of contemporary art of the world. The festival’s audience is varied and Ptuj is not a large city, so creating narrowly focused projects would not bring the desired results. Over 25,000 people visited the festival last year and we hope that the number will be even higher this year.

The festival is here to inspire, please, entertain, and challenge. We present and host artists that shine in museums and biennales worldwide, and artist that will shine in the near future. We aim to show works by the currently most established artists and simultaneously wish to promote local artists and art environment in order to help our region become an even more important cultural destination, which is also reflected in the fact that we are opening up our exhibition spaces and stage this year to many Slovenian artists and taking Slovenian art into our partners’exhibition spaces abroad.

Some of the greatest names of the contemporary art scene have been choosen and will be hosted at the Festival ART STAYS 2013:

Felipe Aguila (CHL), Andy Atkinson (GBR), Bernard Aubertin (FRA), Aqua Aura (ITA), Chan Hyo Bae (KOR), Janet Bellotto (CAN), Luisa Catucci (ITA/DEU), Elio Ciol (ITA), Alessia Cocca (ITA), Marcello Corrá (ITA), Mike Crawford (GBR), Maitha Demithan (ARE), Laurent Dierckx (BEL), Paul Dumont (BEL), Pia Fernandez (ESP), Kate Fichard (FRA/GBR), Giuseppe Gonella (ITA), Marcus Jansen (USA), Maša Jazbec (SVN), Maria Rosa Jijon (ECU), Stojan Knežević (SLO), Stojan Kerbler (SLO), Roberto Kusterle (ITA), Ina Loitzl (AUT), Olga Lah (USA), Mark Mangion (MLT), Susanna Majuri (FIN), Marotta&Russo (ITA), Sabrina Milazzo (ITA), Martina Zelenika - Moon (CRO), Graziano Meneghin (ITA), Andrea Morucchio (ITA), Bojan Novaković (SRB), Viola Pantano (ITA), Špela Pavli (SVN), Perino&Vele (ITA), Daniele Pignatelli (ITA), Maria Teresa Gonzalez Ramirez (MEX), Nastja Säde Rönkkö (FIN), Namsal Siedlecki (USA/ITA), Polona Tratnik (SVN), Walter Trecchi (ITA), Alice Zanin (ITA).

The program of the Festival consists of presentation of contemporary art from 26 countries and 18 special projects, including 2 special media art project:

TRANSLATION(S) curated by Laurence Wood & Zoran Poposki with the international partecipation of the artists: Arnold J. Kemp (USA), Tricia Sellmer (CAN), Lucy Harrison (GBR), Daniel Arnaldo Roman (PRI), Zoran Poposki (HKG/MKD), Laurence Wood (HKG/GBR), Luis Lara Malvacias (USA/VEN), Damon Ayers and Tessie Word (USA), Victoria Hindley (USA), Eva Petrič (AUT/SVN)

THE EVERYDAY SPREAD curated by Manuel Frara with a presentation of the Italian artist: Laura Barbieri Barbara Boscolo, Lisa Dal Lago, Emanuele Dragone, Federico Fregonese, Giulia Incani, Anna Marangon , Gaia Negri, Davide Salvadori, Samir Sayed Abdellattef , Sara Valle and Angela Zuin.

The program includes also some live media sets created by THE AREA OF BUSTLE from Italy, performances by the slovenian artists Marko Batista, Miha Ciglar and by the italian artists Graziano Meneghin, TRANSVERSAL L.P.S. (Paola Rossi&Erika Vicari) and a Public art project by the students of four selected European academies. There will be everyday DJ sessions and much more.

From over 10 exhibition projects, we would like to point out two exhibitions: photographic exhibition of two living »legends« of classical photography, Elio Ciol and Stojan Kerbler and a solo show of important French artist Bernard Aubertin.

For several years Art Stays festival uses its international network of partners to present its artists at exhibitions abroad during the festival. This year we are proud to ne a partner of an international project ARTSITE curated by Domenico Maria Papa. The project will run in Italy during the time of the festival in Ptuj with a group of past and upcoming partecipants of the Festival: Aqua Aura, Vesna Bukovec, Leo F. Demetz, Jernej Forbici, Monika Grycko, Christoph Luckeneder, Sabrina Milazzo, Olga Schigal, Marika Vicari, Peter Wehinger, Cyryl Zakrewski.

The festival ART STAYS 2013 will also host daily lectures by artists and curators, as well as workshops, as part of the Summer Academy.

A group of curators, in collaboration with the leading institutions, organizations and galleries from around the world, has produced a festival that reaffirms the important role played by Art Stays in the European art scene.

We are aware that culture and tourism that goes along, are one of the important potential ways out of the current economic and social crisis; the city of Ptuj has been reaching beyond its borders in recent years and appearing on European cultural maps as an important player. We are proud of the role that the Art Stays festival has had in the creation of this new story, and we invite you to experience it with us.

curated by Jernej Forbici and Marika Vicari in collaboration with international galleries, public and private institutions and projects, thanks to the support of some international curators, the 2013 edition of the festival is divided in several venues and projects:


Paintings had always been an important part of the festival. This year we are hosting an exhibition featuring very diverse artists from many countries, whose common language is “pure” painting. Whether it is in the form of abstraction or complete photorealism, painting as a medium will never lose its important role in art and in the Art Stays festival.

artists: Paul Dumont (BEL), Laurent Dierckx (BEL), Walter Trecchi (ITA), Giuseppe Gonella (ITA), Bojan Novaković (SRB), Sabrina Milazzo (ITA), Martina Zelenika - Moon (CRO), Stojan Knežević (SVN)

location GALLERY MAGISTRAT Mestni trg 1, 2250 Ptuj

opening hours: MON, TUE, THU 7.00 - 16.00 WED 7.00 - 18.00 & FRI 7.00 - 14.00


This year’s photography exhibition focuses on two artists who distinctly marked the development of this medium in two different countries. Both worked in the same period and both captured with their critical eye the rural lives of people, their habits and customs.

artists: Elio Ciol, Stojan Kerbler.

location GALLERY MIHELIČEVA Dravska ulica 3, 2250 Ptuj

opening TUE - FRI 10.00 - 16.00 SAT 10.00 - 13.00


The new media project combines quite diverse projects; from interactive spatial installations to more or less experimental videos and digital manipulations. The varied projects are split into exhibitions, individual video evenings, and public projections onto facades of buildings in the old town centre. Video boxes that we set up in the city centre, where people can stop, sit down, and view video projects by artists from around the world, are a new feature this year.

EXPOSE NEW MEDIA (curators: Jernej Forbici and Marika Vicari)

artists: Daniele Pignatelli (ITA), Marotta&Russo (ITA), Maria Rosa Jijon (ECU), Maša Jazbec (SVN), Felipe Aguila (CHL), Mark Mangion (MLT), Polona Tratnik (SVN), Graziano Meneghin (ITA), Nastja Säde Rönkkö (FIN) & Luke Turner (GBR), Špela Pavli (SVN)

location MIHELIČEVA GALLERY Dravska ulica 3, 2250 Ptuj

opening TUE - FRI 10.00 - 16.00 SAT 10.00 - 13.00

TRANSLATION(S) (curators: Laurence Wood & Zoran Poposki)

artists: Arnold J. Kemp (USA), Tricia Sellmer (CAN), Lucy Harrison (GBR), Daniel Arnaldo Roman (PRI), Zoran Poposki (HKG/MKD), Laurence Wood (HKG/GBR), Luis Lara Malvacias (USA/VEN), Damon Ayers and Tessie Word (USA), Victoria Hindley (USA), Eva Petrič (AUT/SVN)

location KONTEJNER ART STAYS Mestni trg, 2250 Ptuj

THE EVERYDAY SPREAD (curator: Manuel Frara)

artists: Laura Barbieri (ITA), Barbara Boscolo (ITA), Lisa Dal Lago (ITA), Emanuele Dragone (ITA), Federico Fregonese (ITA), Giulia Incani (ITA), Anna Marangon (ITA), Gaia Negri (ITA), Davide Salvadori (ITA), Samir Sayed Abdellattef (ITA), Sara Valle (ITA), Angela Zuin (ITA)

location KONTEJNER ART STAYS Mestni trg, 2250 Ptuj


The Identity exhibition, which presents an outstanding selection of artists, opens a reflection on recycling the past with a view to decipher the present, to be aware of our identity even in times when all identities merge and reappear in new faces and forms. The genius of a photographer does not only reveal the spirit hidden behind the face, but also the identity of a person, the world, history, and culture.

artists: Andy Atkinson (GBR), Roberto Kusterle (ITA), Viola Pantano (ITA), Mike Crawford (GBR), Acqua Aura (ITA), Elio Ciol (ITA), Maitha Demithan (ARE), Chan Hyo Bae (KOR), Susanna Majuri (FIN), Kate Fichard (FRA / GBR), Janet Bellotto (CAN)

location EXHIBITION SPACE FO.VI 2 –/ CITY THEATRE Slovenski trg 13, 2250 Ptuj
openings TUE - FRI 14.00 - 16.00 SAT & SUN 10.00 - 12.00


This festival project will combine all the “transient” works of this year’s festival. Every day, we will host various performances, live media sets, and audio projects by renowned domestic and foreign artists. Let the artists’ actions bring you into a dialogue with the artists and the world of art.

artists: Marko Batista (SVN), Miha Ciglar (SVN), The Area of Bustle (ITA), Paola Rossi (ITA),Erika Vicari (ITA), Graziano Meneghin (ITA)

location MAIN STAGE Slovenski trg, 2250 Ptuj

THU 25. 7. 2013 19.00 performance - MIHA CIGLAR

TUE 30. 7. 2013 18.30 audio performance TRANSVERSAL L.P.S (PAOLA ROSSI & ERIKA VICARI)

22.30 performance MARKO BATISTA

WED 31.7.2013 22.30 performance THE AREA OF BUSTLE

THU 1.8. 2013 22.30 performance THE AREA OF BUSTLE

SUN 28. 7. 2013 20.34 - 5.25 performance GRAZIANO MENEGHIN & DORIS CAVAR

location TURČAN WINERY Turški vrh 65, Zavrč


Glass, paper, iron, stone, wood, cleaning sponges; all these and other materials will be seen in sculptures and installations at this year’s festival. Works by international artists will be exhibited, and several works that will mark the festival spirit of Slovenia’s oldest town will be created in the festival’s artist residency programme.

artists: Marcello Corrá (ITA), Olga Lah (USA), Andrea Morucchio (ITA), Namsal Siedlecki (ITA/USA), Perino&Vele (ITA), Maria Teresa Gonzalez Ramirez (MEX), Alice Zanin (ITA)

location EXHIBITION SPACE ART STAYS Murkova ulica 5, 2250 Ptuj

opening TUE - SAT 10.00 - 18.00

location GALLERY FO.VI Strnišče 6, 2325 Kidričevo

opening TUE - SAT 10.00 - 16.00 SUN 10.00 - 13.00


Bernard Aubertin was born in Fontenay aux Roses, France in 1934. He is well known and respected throughout Europe. Aubertin was part of the artistic turmoil in the 60s and continues to innovate even today. His intense artistic activity encompasses half of a century, from his fundamental encounter with Yves Klein to joining international artistic movements, such as Nul Group in Amsterdam and Group Zero in Düsseldorf during the late 50s and early 60s.

His unique personality leads him to the use of unusual and diverse materials, such as iron and wood, then using fire to shape his works. Combustion is thus the most peculiar trait of his art, along with the colour red which is symbolic to continuous tension and burning.

His objects, survivors of the fire's damage, turn into metaphysical characters showing their past and the fate they live, trapped in the daily mechanism of reality. This is the underlying, thoughtprovoking theme, a representation of life and a metaphor for the loss of values that is prominent in today's world.

location LIBRARY IVAN POTRČ PTUJ Prešernova ulica 33-35, 2250 Ptuj

opening MON 12.00 - 19.00 TUE - FRI 8.00 - 15.00


The exhibition and the debate which will be held as part of the exhibition will present diverse art works – from photographs and collage to video – by female artists of our time, who provide us with a glimpse into a world of intimate experiences and social problems associated with the role of women in modern society.

artists: Alessia Cocca (ITA), Luisa Catucci (ITA), Pia Fernandez (ESP), Ina Loitzl (AUT)

location DOM KULTURE – MUZIKAFE Vrazov trg 1, 2250 Ptuj

opening MON - FRI 8.00 - 22.00 SAT & SUN 10.00 - 22.00


Expose Public combines various events and interventions. The most important element this year is the collaboration with Javne službe Ptuj (Ptuj Public Services) for an artistic renovation of the city market stalls. Students from four European academies will paint the market stalls and thus colour a little part of the city, making a sort of an open-air gallery. We will also display the graffiti that had been created during the festival’s previous editions, and invite artists to create new ones. You are also welcome to visit the studios of the artists we will be hosting and get to know their work from up-close.


The summer festival academy offers younger and older visitors the possibility of being creative at various workshops, from new media to photography and graffiti. There is always something happening in the festival atelier. Daily talks and debates with artists and other participants of the festival will also be held. Join us and get to know the world of contemporary art first-hand.

location MAIN STAGE Slovenski trg, 2250 Ptuj

location STUDIO - WORKSHOPS Prešernova ulica 11, 2250 Ptuj


The Art Stays festival uses its international network of partners to present its artists at exhibitions abroad during the festival. We have always been building partnerships for the promotion and exchange of ideas and artistic interventions.

ARTSITE, Buronzo, IT curated by Domenico Maria Papa and organized by Associazione per l’Arte Phanés, Torino

artists: Aqua Aura, Isobel Blank, Vivian Bertrand, Vesna Bukovec, Mario Ciaramella, Leo F. Demetz, Diego Dutto, Jernej Forbici, Stefano Giorgi, Monika Grycko, Asako Hishiki, Marcus Jansen, Matthias Langer, Christoph Luckeneder, Isabella Mara, Sabrina Milazzo, Nelly Monnier, Sabrina Muzi, Irene Pacini, Chiara Paderi, Artsiom Parchynski, Sheila Pepe, Serena Piccinini, Olga Schigal, Marika Vicari, Peter Wehinger, Cyryl Zakrewski.

Opening from 24th July 2013 at 7pm. at the Main Stage

Different venues
Ptuj - Slovenia

Art Stays
dal 22/7/2014 al 31/8/2014

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