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Vienna Art week Symposium
dal 20/11/2013 al 22/11/2013
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Vienna Art week Symposium

MuseumsQuartier 21, Wien

Dialogue between the artist and the viewer is a key point of focus of Vienna Art week 2013. At quartier21 performance by Andrew Newman and Dennis Vanderbroeck; lecture by Josephine Bosma, Isin Onol, Perisa Perisic, and Wolfie Christl; studio visits.

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The VIENNA ART WEEK, already in its ninth edition this year, has become an important part of artistic life in Vienna.

The 2013 art festival, titled “Projecting Worlds”, draws on issues and positions related to the significance of artistic expression in identity formation. Within an overall framework of exhibitions, interventions, studio visits, gallery tours, curator tours, artist talks, lectures, performances and panel discussions, VIENNA ART WEEK 2013 highlights the role of the artist not only as a creator of works, but also as the author of a narrative – that of his or her own universe. Dialogue between the artist and the viewer is a key point of focus.

Looking at art is a kind of catalyst, a gentle introduction to a place that allows space and time for both creativity and interpretation. In a world of ubiquitous information technology, one where people are exposed to constant overstimulation, a longing for “deceleration” has become a common concept in contemporary lifestyles. Art satisfies longings; it generates new desires, and delving into the artist’s cosmos and narratives takes time. This cosmos reveals the artist’s inner world, but it is also a projection of external, mutually dependent conditions.

Open Studio Day, which was started last year with great success, offers visitors a unique opportunity to visit 80 artists in their studios. Curators hold Open Talks, creating a discursive framework to complete the program. With Curators’ Picks, VIENNA ART WEEK 2013 has created yet another a new platform: curators have been invited to Vienna as a way of intensifying the exchange between curatorial and artistic practice, dialogue with artists and the art public at large. The program aims to bring Vienna’s enormous artistic and creative potential into the international spotlight.

Martin Böhm (Präsident Art Cluster Vienna) / Robert Punkenhofer
(Künstlerischer Leiter VIENNA ART WEEK)


Performance with artist Andrew Newman
Date: Thu, Nov 21, Fri, Nov 22 & Sat, Nov 23, 17:00
In The old in out in out, Andrew Newman performs the role of a faceless bureaucrat doing knowledge work. Newman applies value to blank sheets of paper, stamping them and shuffl ing them between inboxes and outboxes. It is evident from this action that Newman does nothing useful; a toxic asset, worthy of liquidation.

Lecture with journalist and art critic Josephine Bosma
Date: Thu, Nov 21, 19:00
Living in the flickering spotlights of social media makes us not only vulnerable to the gaze of others, but it also enforces a stark form of self-reflection. In her talk entitled Hiding in Plain Sight she examines how specific tools are an intrinsic part of the way we see and represent ourselves, and how we aid in the construction of our own vulnerability. Examples of the work of various artists show the need and possibility to playfully or critically adapt, subvert or modify everyday media environments.

Presentation with game designer and net activist Wolfie Christl
Date: Thu, Nov 21, 19:30
What if you had control over millions of Internet users' personal information? Ever wanted to run your own Tracebook & Smoogle? Presentation of Data Dealer - an online game about personal data, surveillance, and privacy.

Lecture with curator and writer Isin Önol
Date: Thu, Nov 21, 19:45
Hidden Faces: Strategies of Hiding oneself in Protests explores the diverse strategies used to hide and reveal oneself with a focus on the use of mask in #occupygezi (Istanbul) protests.

Lecture with writer and Artist-in-Residence Periša Perišić
Date: Thu, Nov 21, 20:30
Periša Perišić (dramaturge and creative writer from Belgrade) will explore the possible correlation between the term faceless and contemporary European drama - Deconstruction of a dramatis personae = faceless

featuring Alberto de Michele, Tarron Ruiz-Avila & Zachari Logan
Date: Sat Nov 23, 13:00
Meeting place: MQ Courtyard 7, Studio 501
Guided tour with cultural journalist Alexandra Matzner

Location: Artistic Bokeh, Electric Avenue, quartier21/MQ
Presentation of works in the context of the FACELESS exhibition.

Location: at the exhibition entrance
This 360 degree surveillance ‘chandelier’ entitled Asymmetric Love Number 2 by Addie Wagenknecht and Stefan Hechenberger explores the relationship between failure and empowerment.
In collaboration with Artistic Bokeh

MuseumsQuartier 21
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