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Los Jaichackers
dal 4/12/2013 al 4/12/2013

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Perez Art Museum Miami

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Los Jaichackers

Miami Art Museum, Miami

The opening of Perez Art Museum Miami. A multimedia art collaboration for this one-night performance titled Night Shade/Solanaceae

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For the opening of Perez Art Museum Miami, "Los Jaichackers" are debuting a new project, Night Shade/Solanaceae. This work builds on their previous performances and collaborations and responds to Miami's unique cultural and visual landscape, which they have explored in multiple visits to the city during the last year. Night Shade/Solanaceae takes its title from a family of flowering plants indigenous to the New World. It references the history of trade, particularly the import and export of new and exotic fruits and vegetables, which linked South and Central America to Europe. Los Jaichackers' performative project will include sculpture, video and music. It will transform the museum into a site of cultural collisions, where music and art reflect Miami's influence as a site of exchange and metamorphosis. Los Jaichackers is a collaboration between Eamon Ore-Giron and Julio Cesar Morales, artists based in Los Angeles and Phoenix, respectively. As part of their multifaceted practice they create music, film, video, sculpture, installation and performance, as well collaborate with other artists and musicians. Their piece, Night Shade/Solanaceae, has been specially commissioned by PAMM for its inaugural opening and is the first program of the Museum's new time-based arts initiative.

Los Jaichackers
dal 4/12/2013 al 4/12/2013

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