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Collateral Effects
dal 13/1/2014 al 13/3/2014

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Aria Spinelli

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Collateral Effects

Homesession, Barcelona

Beyond Radical Milan. The project consists in a series of conversations between artists, activists, lawyers and researchers, that will take place at the residency spaces of Homesession, following a general presentation of Milano Radicale Archive.

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curated by Aria Spinelli

with Nuria Güell, Rolando d'Alessandro, Daniela Ortiz & Xose Quiroga, Lawyer Andrés García Berrio, Leland Palmer Collective, Domènec and Francesc Abad

in collaboration with: Fundació Antoni Tàpies.

In 2011, independent Italian collective Radical Intention from Milan initiated a yearlong research and production project on the notion of radical art. Bearing in mind the difficulty of intergenerational dialog around political art practice, members of the collective asked some of the mayor players of the 1970’s Milan art scene to dialog with emerging artists around differences and similarities in their practices. The project developed a series of talks, a residency program and a final exhibition. Far from coming up with solutions, Milano Radicale rather shed light on series of problematic issues regarding the relationship between art and politics, from both a contemporary and historical perspective. Art’s engagement with social movements and the social impact on the artist’s profession, forms of alternative knowledge and the impact of technology, the notion of the political and its relation to practice are three macro areas of inquiry that were born throughout the project’s development.

As curator in residence and member of Radical Intention, Aria Spinelli proposes a culturally specific and local investigation of these same issues in the region of Barcelona. Collateral Effects - Beyond Radical Milan is a tangent project to Radical Intention’s research that aims at initiating a discussion around the relationship between art and activism in European contemporary art. By using Radical Intention’s methodology, Aria Spinelli invites artists Nuria Güell, activist Rolando d'Alessandro, artists Daniela Ortiz and Xose Quiroga, lawyer Andres Garcia Berrio, researchers from Leland Palmer Collective, artists Domènec and Francesc Abad to discuss collateral issues regarding contemporary political art practice and theory such as direct action, censorship, social responsibility and historical continuity of dissident practice.

Collateral Effects - Beyond Radical Milan consists in a series of conversations between artists, activists, lawyers and researchers, that will take place at the residency spaces of Homesession, following a general presentation of Milano Radicale Archive at Fundació Antoni Tàpies. The outcome and documentation of Aria Spinelli’s residency will be further shown along side some items of Radical Intention’s project Milano Radicale archive at Sala d’Art Jove in March 2014.

Collateral Effects - Beyond Radical Milan is funded by Loughborough University as part of the practice-based PhD program.

Aria Spinelli is an independent curator and researcher. She is a practiced-based PhD candidate in the School of Arts at Loughborough University (UK). Aria Spinelli’s primary area of research is the relationship between art and activism. Her research suggests that the ‘assembly’, as both a curatorial format and exhibition display, will possibly activate forms of agonistic politics that can potentially affect the social imaginary necessary for capitalist reproduction. She holds a BA in Contemporary Art History from the La Sapienza University of Rome and an MA in Visual Arts and Curatorial Studies from the New Academy of Art in Milan (NABA). Aria collaborated with institutions and galleries such as the Museum of Contemporary Art Castello di Rivoli in Turin (2005-2006) and Christian Stein Gallery in Milan (2008-2009). In 2009 She also founded art and curatorial collective Radical Intention. For the past four years Radical Intention has been creating long-term research projects on socio-political issues related to art and its practices. Radical Intention promotes a synergy between subjectivities by creating collaborative working groups and using collective methods of production. Aria has also been invited to curate and collaborate on community art and socially engaged projects and shows, such as Taking Positions – Identity Questioning (Fare arte, Milan, Italy w/ACSL – Art and Cultural Studies Laboratory, Yerevan, Armenia); Horror Vacui – Occupying the present, (Isola Art Center, Milan, April - June 2010) G for Gentrification, (Isola Art Center, Milan, May - July 2011); Being Visible – Contemporary ways of signification (CHAN arte, Genoa, Italy).

Fundació Antoni Tàpies - January 14th, 6.30 pm: presentation of Milano Radicale Archive,
Homesession - January 21th, 7 pm: conversation Nuria Güell and Rolando d'Alessandro,
Homesession - January 22th, 7 pm: conversation Domènec and Francesc Abad,
Homesession - January 23th, 7 pm:: conversation Leland Palmer Collective, Daniela Ortiz & Xose Quiroga and Andrés García Berrío,
Sala d'Art Jove - March: Collateral Effects - Beyond Radical Milan

Homesession: C/ Creu dels Molers 15. Barcelona. Metro Poble Sec
Sala d'Art Jove : C/ Calabria, 147. Barcelona. Metro Rocafort
Fundació Antoni Tàpies: C/ Aragó 255. Barcelona. Metro Pg de Gràcia

Collateral Effects
dal 13/1/2014 al 13/3/2014

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