Kunstuniversitat Linz - Zeitbasierte Medien
Sonnensteinstrasse 11
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Old enough to remember
dal 15/1/2014 al 15/1/2014
17 - 19

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Vincenzo Estremo

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Old enough to remember

Kunstuniversitat Linz - Zeitbasierte Medien, Linz

Contemporary art video in Italy: screening curated by Vincenzo Estremo

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A screening and a discussion focused on contemporary art video in Italy. Old enough to remember explore and raises issues on Italian contemporary art like the relationship between artists and institutions, and the practices of self-producing. The screening would like to underline the central role of video in contemporary Italian society. These videos are selected in order to catch the viewer's attention and to underline the role of Italian contemporary art videos as aesthetic antithesis to television language of Berlusconism. Featured Artists: Bianco Valente, Elena Bellantoni, Matteo Guidi, Giuliana Racco, Massimo Ricciardo. Curated by Vincenzo Estremo.

Old enough to remember
dal 15/1/2014 al 15/1/2014

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