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An afternoon with Three green man
dal 5/7/2014 al 5/7/2014

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Matthieu Simonnet

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An afternoon with Three green man

Fondation Cartier, Paris

Performance, followed by a workshop for children

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One night, a child's dreams turn into a colorful narration while three extraterrestrials communicate in a made-up language and create sounds with everyday objects. The sounds become part of the child's dreams, which are played out before our eyes. Taking inspiration from the art of sound effects, Valerie Mrejen, author, video maker and mixed-media artist, created Trois hommes verts, a children's science fiction tale. For the Fondation Cartier, she will present this 'table reading' version for the first time.

Beaute' Congo
dal 10/7/2015 al 14/11/2015

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