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Victor Erice
dal 17/5/2015 al 17/5/2015

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Victor Erice

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Victor Erice

Palace of Arts Budapest, Budapest

The South-1983. An example from the world of Spanish film

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There are some creative people it is almost impossible to categorise. There is simple no one else like them. An example from the world of Hungarian film would be Zoltan Huszarik. From Spain, Victor Erice. Victor Erice may be 74 years young, but he has directed a total of just three feature-length films and ten shorts. These, however are unmistakeable. El Sur is the tale of a young girl who wants to be grown up and tries to unravel the secrets of her family and the double bind that defines her father's life. The building blocks of the story comprise memories, gut feelings, desires, talking points and smells. The cool north and the lost south. One layer of the film is provided by the collective memory of the civil war, and perhaps also the manner in which time relentlessly rewrites the past. The heart-wrenchingly striking imagery of El Sur simply burns its way into our memories, so that we might be forgiven for catching ourselves weaving our own story from the key moments as we sit in the cinema.

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