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Em'kal Eyongakpa
dal 4/7/2015 al 4/7/2015

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Em'kal Eyongakpa

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Em'kal Eyongakpa

Kadist Art Foundation, Paris

??Fullmoons later/ wata kulture II.

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At FGO-Barbara, in the context of Africa Acts (a week in Paris dedicated to performance arts in Africa and her diasporas), Em'kal Eyongakpa invites audiences to partake in a sensorial experience. His performance initially draws from his intermedia project 'fullmoons later /letters from etokobarek' (started in 2013 in Amsterdam). Revisiting the aforementioned project, it will focus on 'wata kulture', as well as exploring the link between characteristic sound signatures of running water bodies and suspension rhythm present in many African traditional rhythm and contemporary music. The artist makes references to Etokobi rhythmic variations, jazz (John Coltrane, 'Africa/Brass', 1961), Amiri Baraka ('Why's-Wise', 2009) among others. He connects this with the ongoing mediterranean crisis. Sunday, July 5th, 6pm

Otobong Nkanga
dal 25/9/2015 al 19/12/2015

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