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Celine Duval
dal 21/9/2015 al 31/10/2015

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Institut Francais Bilbao


Celine Duval

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Celine Duval

Sala Rekalde, Bilbao


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Sala Rekalde presents the exhibition documentation celine duval (Saint-Germain-en-Laye, France, 1974) within the framework of Mapamundistas 2015 / Antipostales and in collaboration with the Institut Francais, Bilbao. As its name indicates, documentation celine duval involves a construction and deconstruction project for a big archive of images. The show Impresiones paisajes sets against one another various works whose point of departure is the observation of collections of postcards. The series Puntos de vistas brings together images of benches in a range of settings, while the series Visto! dwells on passers-by as they gaze at the photographer. Seeing or being seen, being within or outside of an image, facing landscape or facing a postcard of landscape, these are some of the postures that seem possible and question both the gaze and the body of the observer.

Celine Duval
dal 21/9/2015 al 31/10/2015

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