Experimental Intermedia
New York
28 Hubert Street

dal 8/2/2000 al 17/2/2000

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Cesare Pietroiusti

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Experimental Intermedia, New York

comunicato stampa

A forum for visitors in the arts. Making connections, supporting networks, setting up meetings

Big cities are in a continuous flux, with a coming and going of people who settle in, stay temporarily or move through. Newcomers enter this flux, become part of the life of the city, and make connections with others. The city, as a space, contains possibilities through the dynamic relationships between people, which may provoke an active engagement.
Strangers become friends, ideas become practice, models are being transformed into action.

NOMADS & RESIDENTS makes connections with people who live here and with people who visit, by setting up an active network of collaborators, and creating and organizing public events in a variety of places.

NOMADS & RESIDENTS invites artists, guests, curators, critics, activists, travelers and passers-by to present insight into their practice, their ideas, histories, and drives.

The curatorial and organizing group of NOMADS & RESIDENTS will consist of 50% New York based and 50% temporary residents. They will actively seek out information about who is coming to New York and when, they will invite guests to present ideas and will solicit the involvement of involve spaces where these presentations can take place. They welcome advice, ideas and the enthusiastic support of others.
The events will be partly informal and casual, and will include presentations, lectures, talks, slide-shows, small exhibitions, performances. No real topics will be set beforehand. Priority will be given to proposals that could become projects that will be shared among the participants, to a practice that can make resources and ideas available for common use.

February 9, 7 pm at Experimental Intermedia, 224 Centre Street, New
York: Jens Brand (sound artist, Germany) and DJ Spooky (sound artist/dj, New

February 17, 7 pm at Civitella Ranieri Center, 28 Hubert Street, New York: Emilio Fantin (artist, Italy) and Mark Dion (artist, New York)

The core group includes:
Liesbeth Bik (artist, The Netherlands, PS1 studio program)
Gordon Knox (initiator and organizer of Civitella Ranieri, Italy)
Jan Kopp (artist, France, PS1 studio program)
John Menick (New York based artist)
Phil Niblock (New York based artist, director of Experimental
Intermedia, New York and Gent)
Olu Oguibe (artist/curator, Nigeria, currently living in New York)
Cesare Pietroiusti (artist, Italy, involved in artist group Oreste,
temporarily living in New York)
Jos van der Pol (artist, the Netherlands, PS1 studio program)

For more information or suggestions for the program please contact us via email

dal 8/2/2000 al 17/2/2000

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