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Global Photography Now
dal 28/9/2006 al 28/9/2006
All events take place 14.00-17.00 in the Starr Auditorium.

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Global Photography Now

Tate Modern, London

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Post-Soviet States. In 1991 the USSR disintegrated and the Iron Curtain dropped to unveil progressive, multi-ethnic nations in Europe, Central Asia and the Caucasus region, which were striving for democracy and individual identity. Since then, new models of cultural identity have replaced the monuments and doctrine of the Soviet and Communist ideology. Leading international artists Zeigam Azizov, Anastasia Khoroshilova, Dmitry Gutov and Koka Ramishvili discuss photography in relation to the quest for cultural identity in the post-Soviet environment in a session chaired by Viktor Misiano.

Performance Room
dal 18/11/2015 al 9/12/2015

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