Cape Town

The blind spot
dal 19/3/2000 al 20/3/2000

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The blind spot

www.bosweb.nl, Cape Town

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Participating on the project "on line/ on face" - a collaboration between dutch and south african artists- Kevin Brand and Rob Moonen initiated their cooperation under the name "the blind spot"

by marking of Kevin Brand's place of birth in the former District Six in Capetown SA on 12 march 2000
Further developments will be shown on the site
or visit :www.bosweb.nl/rm

See also collabarotion of Annet van der Elzen and Andrew Putter on the project "on line/ on face":

'Life is Precious' - a street performance
by Sue Williamson

'Life is Precious' arose out of a Cape Town experience of visiting Dutch artist Anet van de Elzen. Attempting to give three street children a little money each, she was shocked to be virtually knocked over by a mob of twice as many more, who seemed to appear from nowhere. A consideration of this event and the experience of coming from a first world to a third world country, grew into a performance piece with local artist Andrew Putter, which took place in St George's Mall in central Cape Town on Saturday morning. The two drew a chalk circle as a stage, and seated in the middle, Van de Elzen blindfolded herself in black, as Putter walked round the circle singing in a low voice and flinging coins onto the ground. Van de Elzen then uncovered her face, and in a powerful and lyrical voice addressed the gathered audience to sing a Bach composition which translates loosely as Are You By My Side? As with many performances, exact interpretations are elusive. The strength of the piece arose from the associations created by the actions of the performers, and the effect of Van de Elzens transformation from a partially bound and silenced figure to one reaching out to an audience through song.

The blind spot
dal 19/3/2000 al 20/3/2000

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