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Art-athina 2007
dal 29/5/2007 al 2/6/2007
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Art-athina 2007

Helexpo Exhibition Centre, Athens

The 13th Art Athina exhibition restarts. The new organisers of Art Athina redesigned the exhibition in consideration of the international environment as well as specific local particularities. Over 70 Greek and foreign galleries, distribuited in three big sections: Basic Plan, Open Plan and the Parallel plan. Exhibitions, lectures, vip programs and more. Also, the galleries from Russia present in a special unit in the Helexpo Palace.

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Art Athina makes a dynamic Restart . Its organizers have redesigned the international Greek Art Fair and will present on the 18 th of April the goals and the program of the 13 th Art Athina event in the first official press conference in Moscow .

Stella Art Foundation, which will represent Art Athina in Russia for the next three years, will host on Wednesday, April 18 th 2007 a press-conference in Moscow devoted to Art-Athina and Russia 's participation as an invited country. It will be held in the leading Russian news and information agency RIA-Novosti.

Pavel Pozhigailo deputy to the minister of Culture and Mass Communications of Russia; Ivan Savvidis deputy of State Duma, Russia, head of the Association of Greeks in Russia, sponsor of Art-Athina; Georgy Muradov head of the Department of International Contacts in Moscow; Marina Rytova academician, professor of Moscow State Institute of Foreign Affairs of Ministry of Foreign Affairs; Martin Vukovich the Ambassador of Austria to the Russian Federation; Elias Klis the Ambassador of Greece to the Russian Federation; Leonidas Pandelidis the Ambassador of Cyprus to the Russian Federation; Victor Misiano, curator of two projects of Art Athina, Russian gallerists and collectors will attend the meeting.

The Greek delegation consists of Christos Zachopoulos, the General Secretary of the Hellenic Ministry of Culture , Maria Machaira, the Head of the Directorate of Visual Arts (Hellenic Ministry of Culture), Evi Tsekou, the Head of Public Relations and Communication for the General Secretary (Hellenic Ministry of Culture), Michalis Argyrou, the General Director of Art-Athina, Christos Savvidis, the Artistic Director of Art-Athina, Alexia Adami Korleti, Media Relations of Art Athina, Sotirios Bahtsetzis, the Curator of Open Plan Art Athina, Alexandra Zafeiriou, International PR Office of Art Athina in London (Brunswick Arts), Dimitris Tsonis, the General Director of Helexpo Palace and Dimitris Paraskevas, a collector of art works. Christos Savvidis the Artistic Director of Art Athina, will present Art-Athina. The curator of the Open Plan, Sotirios Bahtsetzis will present art works which will be exhibited in Art Athina for the collectors.

Afterwards, Boris Manner professor of University of Applied Arts of Vienna, is going to present the Russian-Austrian project “Elements of Light”, which is a part of the Stella Art Foundation's non-commercial program for Art-Athina. That evening an official dinner will complete the presentation in the premises of Stella Art Foundation.

Over 70 Greek and foreign galleries will participate in the 13 th organization of Art Athina. The complete number of the participants will be announced in the following days after an announcement of the galleries that have applied for the Open Plan by the two curators of the project.

In the Basic Plan 48 foreign and Greek galleries will be presented in booths, 10 of which represent the Contemporary Club.

a . antonopoulou . art ( Greece ), Agathi ( Greece ), Arc Projects ( Bulgaria ), Argo Gallery ( Cyprus ), Astrolavos ( Greece ), Centre of Contemporary Art Diatopos ( Cyprus ), Charim Galerie ( Austria ), Cheapart ( Greece ), Cokkie Snoei ( The Netherlands ), DoDo ( Greece ), E 31 ( Greece ), Ekfrasi - Gianna Grammatopoulou ( Greece ), Francoise Heitsch ( Germany ), Galerie 3 ( Greece ), Galerie Christian Nagel ( Germany ), Galerie Haas & Fischer ( Switzerland ), Galerie Heinz - Martin Weigand ( Germany ), Galerie Mirko Mayer / M - Projects ( Germany ), Galerie Reinhard Hauff ( Germany ), Galerie Suzanne Tarasieve ( France ), Groeflin Maag Galerie ( Switzerland ), Kalfayan Galleries ( Greece ), Luxe Gallery ( USA ), Medusa Art Gallery ( Greece ), Mirta Demare International ( The Netherlands ), Mulier Mulier Gallery ( Belgium ), Museum 52 ( UK ), Nice & Fit Gallery ( Germany ), P 37 Art Gallery ( Greece ), Potnia Thiron ( Greece ), Q Box ( Greece ), Rodeo ( Turkey ), Selini ( Greece ), Thanassis Fryssiras Gallery ( Greece ), Tsatsis Projects / Artforum ( Greece ), Vacio 9 ( Spain ), Wohnmaschine ( Germany ), Zina Athanassiadou ( Greece ).

Within the context of the Basic Plan, Art Athina entrusts a different gallery each year to propose a parallel project. This year The Breeder gallery ( Athens ) has been selected and has proposed the project titled “Con temporary Club”. Invited are nine significant international galleries present in some of the biggest art fairs worldwide. The participating galleries are: Art:Concept (France), Blow de la Barra (UK), Cosmic Gallerie (France), Diana Stigter Gallery (The Netherlands), Galerist (Turkey), Gazon Rouge (Greece), Ibid projects (USA), John Connelly presents (USA), Peres Projects (USA), The Breeder (Greece)

The galleries from Russia will be presented in a special unit in the Helexpo Palace . These include: Aidan Gallery , E.K.ArtBureau, Arka Gallery, "Fine Art" Gallery, Gallery KINO, Stella Art Foundation, VP Studio, POP/OFF/ART Gallery, Dmitriy Semenov Gallery.

Organising institution: Hellenic Art Galleries Association Organisation W-ART; Co-organisers Helexpo.
Under the auspices of and supported by the Greek Ministry of Culture
Press Agency: PRogressive PR
Public relations- international: Brunswick Arts Consulting


On Geekdom- Artists from the former USSR (Benaki Museum 5/31 – 7/29/2007)
As the period which separates us from the fall of the Berlin wall grows, so too does the relevance of our understanding of the past -not only as it appears in the work of Russian artists but in the art of the Balkans as well, whose official policy attempts to erase their historical past. The exhibition is curated by Viktor Misiano . Versions of the exhibition will concurrently be presented at the Art Museum Kumu of Talin (Estonia), at the Centro D' Arte Contemporanea of Prato (Italy) and at Kiasma Museum in Helsinki (Finland).

The well known art group -that recently appeared in the 2005 Venice Biennale in the exhibition “Always a Little Further” at the entrance of the Arsenale- will present a project specifically for Art Athina, in cooperation with the Hellenic American Union (Athens) and in relation to their retrospective in the exhibition spaces of the Union.
Curated by: Artemis Potamianou.

The exhibition “Critically in Between” curated by Victor Misiano , is based on a series of activities and artistic interventions which will be realised within the same exhibition spaces of the art fair (between existing booths and common areas of the building). Thematically, this exhibition reflects the actual framework it exists within, in other words the relationship between art and the market which admittedly has a particular impact pn the creation of the artistic product as well as on the relationship of the art to the public. The proposed projects will adhere to the festive atmosphere of events such as art fairs while at the same time taking a critical stance against them, by means of thought provoking, dynamic, challenging and even reactionary activities. The proposed artworks address the fetishist relationship of the public to the “artwork”, the conventional practices of exhibitions generally, but also the exhibition within the art fair specifically. The critical stance of socially aware artists who analyse the institutional limitations of the art world (institutional critique), as well as the analytical and playful antithetical proposals of artists through alternate and relational modes of artistic expression form the core of this original exhibition. Artists from Russia and Greece –mainly- will participate in the project. The Greek artists are recommended to the curator by the Greek galleries participating in Art Athina.

The project with the general title “The Contemporary Greek Scene”, will attempt to present a view of current Greek visual output, while at the same time commenting, tongue-in-cheek, on the great expectations, the tactics, the theoretical regressions, the alliances, the often unequal cross-movements observed particularly in the last few years. The theme will address the existence, or lack thereof, of a contemporary Greek art scene, its dynamic, and, naturally, its financial “stock” value -contested by some but supported by others. The renewed Art Athina environment, with its ambitious international participants, allows us to honestly examine the comparative advantages and disadvantages of Greek art, while we (artists, theoreticians, collectors, galleries, institutions and state) take into serious consideration -as these performances will suggest– not only ourselves but more so, our work.
In a concise yet indicative manner, The Contemporary Greek Scene will present the visual arts within their wider and multifaceted contexts, within their relation to dance, music, performance, fashion, film, etc...
Curated by: Nadia Argyropoulou

In this project by Artemis Potamianou the viewer plays a fundamental role in the production of the final work, through the completion of questionnaires which allude to significant issues concerning art. In these questionnaires -which are distributed three months in advance by Art Athina 2007- the questions posed are answered by members of the arts community, as well as by those who are not. The completed questionnaires will form an installation piece at HELEXPO during Art Athina.

The project consists of video projections by contemporary Greek artists. The content of the works centers around introspection, interpersonal relationships, their crisis within contemporary society and internal conflicts. Around 15 artists will participate in the project and the total time span of the projections will last around one hour.

Curated by: Marina Athanasiadou

Inspired by the film by Rene Claire, Entr'acte consists of a selection of videos to be projected during Art Athina 2007. Following the film's example, Entr'acte seeks to exist within something else, in this case an art event, in which it creates an alternative program created to entertain, interrupt, awaken. Entr'acte is a tribute to the roots of cinema and to its early years when people of the arts were closely related to people of film. Entr'acte attempts to revive the discourse surrounding the effects provoked when artists decide the challenge the moving image. Entr'acte defines itself as a work of art, as an action among actions, and as an audiovisual experiment per se. Entr'acte will present the works of Greek and foreign artists.
Curated by: Giorgos Drivas

Art historian Ergina Xidou will conduct a series of Lectures concerning “The Insurance of Works of Art” for artists, curators, gallery owners, collectors, etc... Artist Katerina Zacharopoulou will conduct an educational programme, which is addressed to all members of the family. The program of the lectures, the guided tours and the educational program will be announced as soon as it is finalised.

This is an exclusive club whose participants are young successful and active professionals and members of companies seeking to expand their interests and their knowledge to the area of contemporary art and its market.
Through a program of seminars which aims to alert members to contemporary art, comes an attempt to develop a new group of cognizant investors, in other words: new Greek collectors in upcoming years. The seminar program attempts to provide answers to the plausible topics concerning contemporary art, to the process of its production as well as to the mechanisms surrounding its conception and acquisition.

Through the creation of an organizational framework for the recruitment/understanding/selection of art, the following will become evident:

• The reciprocal influence of ideas and forms which permeate today's art.
• The complexity and paradoxes of the by now globalized art scene.
• The theoretical basis for approaching key works in the history of art, regardless of when they were created.
• The stylistic renewal of the modern condition.
• The continual metamorphosis and reshaping -through the exploitation of happenstance- of contemporary visual practice.
• The dynamics of the organization and the "building” of a collection.
• The individual methods for managing the art work.

Aside from the seminars there will be visits to artists' workshops, to private collections, to art centers and museums.

Thaleia Stefanidou is in charge of the supervision of the program and Alexia Korleti is responsible for its coordination. A group of distinguished collectors and experts will actively contribute to the project.

Within the framework of the VIP program, top personalities within the field of contemporary art from all over the world will be invited. Significant curators, directors of museums and important resources, collectors, etc. will be hosted in Athens and will be given the chance to participate in an enriching and unique artistic, tourist and social agenda. Consultant: Aphrodite Gonou .

Helexpo Exhibition Centre
39 Kifissias Av, Maroussi - Athens

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