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The Fringe
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The Fringe

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Performing festival

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Performing festival

The story so far...

The Fringe story began in 1947, when the Edinburgh International Festival was launched. It was seen as a post-war initiative to re-unite Europe through culture, and was so successful that it inspired more performers than there was room for.

Well aware that there would be a good crowd and focused press interest, six Scottish companies and two English decided to turn up uninvited and fend for themselves.

We are now approaching the 61st Fringe and it's still young! It lives in the present, shifting and changing from year to year to accommodate all of the people who want to attend. Over the years, as the Fringe Organisation got bigger so did the programme. Companies began multiplying as soon as the Fringe got its own phone, and by the time the computers were installed over 30 years later, hundreds were coming

Some stuff you might not know about the 60th Edinburgh Festival Fringe -

* Fringe 2006 featured 28,014 performances of 1,867 shows in 261 venues (Fringe 2005 featured 26,995 performances of 1,799 shows in 240 venues).
* There were an estimated 16,990 performers on Edinburgh’s Fringe stages.
* Theatre made up 32% of the programme, followed by Comedy (27%) then Music (21%). Musicals, Children’s Shows, Dance & Physical Theatre, Exhibitions and Events each provided around 4% of the programme.
* Over a third (36%) of all shows were World premieres. 4% were UK premieres, 10% European premieres.
* 177 shows at Fringe 2006 were absolutely free.
* It would take you 5 years, 11 months and 16 days to see every performance back-to-back.
* Last year, the Fringe sold 1,531, 606 tickets - the fourth consecutive year that the Fringe sailed past the million-ticket barrier.
* The Fringe has a 75% market share of all attendance at Edinburgh’s year-round festivals and annually generates around £75 million for the Edinburgh and Scottish economy.
* The Fringe sells 97% more tickets than it did only 10 years ago (679,147 in 1995, 1,531,606 in 2006).
* In 2006, there were 28,014 performances - 94% more performances than 10 years ago.

The Fringe year-round staff are:

Jon Morgan, Director
Eileen O'Reilly, Promoter Liaison Manager
Dave Ball, IT and Box Office Manager
Claire Daly, Office Manager
Adam Millar, Administrative Assistant
Louise Goodlad, Sponsorship Manager
Leroy Harris, Press and Marketing Officer
Alan Hay, IT and Box Office Assistant
Louise Page, Press and Marketing Manager
Lucy Rothwell, Development Officer
Amber Rimmer, Venue and Performer Manager
Lynn Taylor, Financial Accountant / Company Secretary
Will White, Publications Manager

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