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Performa 07
dal 26/10/2007 al 19/11/2007
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Adam Pendleton
Agathe Snow
Aida Ruilova
Alison Knowles
Allan Kaprow
Are You Meaning Company
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Barbara Sukowa
Boris Charmatz
Dimitri Chamblas
Brock Enright
Bruce Nauman
Carlos Amorales
Carolee Schneemann
Cesare Pietroiusti
Christian Jankowski
Daria Martin
Darren O’Donnell
Dave McKenzie
David Adamo
David Medalla
Deborah Hay
Dexter Sinister
Douglas Coupland
Ei Arakawa
Amy Sillman
Elaine Summers
Elke Krystufek
Emilio Fantin
Emilio Prini
Emily Sundblad
Eva Sjuve
Eva & Franco Mattes
aka 010010110101101
Fia Backstrom
Francesco Vezzoli
Francis Baudevin
Giancarlo Norese
Grand Union
Gustav Metzger
Hans Isaksson
He Yunchang
Ian Wilson
International Festival
Isaac Julien
Russell Maliphant
James Fei
James Lee Byars
Javier Tellez
Jelena Rundqvist
Jennifer Walshe
Jerome Bel
Joan Jonas
John Bock
John Cage
John Kelsey
Christopher Williams
Jon Kessler
Kabir Carter
Karl Holmqvist
Kelly Nipper
Lawrence Weiner
Long March Collective
Long March- Xu Zhen
Long March- Qiu Zhijie
Long March- Zhao Gang
Tom Cole
Luigi Negro
Mai-Thu Perret
Marianne Vitale
Marie Cool
Fabio Balducci
Markus Schinwald
Oleg Soulimenko
Maurizio Nannucci
Meredith Monk
Michael Northam
Michael Portnoy
Michael Williams
Melissa Brown
Min Tanaka
My Barbarian
Nathalie Djurberg
Nick Currie
Nicolas Dumit Estevez
Nicolas Guagnini
Pablo Bronstein
Pete Drungle
Philippe Decoufle
Rainer Ganahl
Robert Rauschenberg
Robert Morris
Stan VanDerBeek
Robert Longo
Ronnie Bass
Ryan Gander
Sanford Biggers
Second Front
Serkan Ozkaya
Shaun El C. Leonardo
Tamy Ben-Tor
Tania Bruguera
The X-Patsys
TM Sisters
Tomas Vanek
Tony Conrad
Tris Vonna Michell
Trisha Brown
Ulla von Brandenburg
Vito Acconci
Xavier Le Roy
Yoko Ono
Yvonne Rainer
Zach Rockhill
Zoila Imaculada de la Concepcion

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Performa 07

Different venues, New York

Second edition. The biennial of new visual art performance to be held in New York City. The entire program of performances, events, symposia and exhibitions for Performa creates a live network of events across New York's famous grid, showcasing the infinite possibilities of urban renewal through cultural activism. A program designed to engage and enthral viewers of all ages and from a broad range of interests. Programming includes a daily schedule of live performances, parallel exhibitions and an integrated educational program that will provide critical and historical contexts for the new work produced.

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Second edition. The biennial of new visual art performance to be held in New York City

New York, September 19, 2007 — PERFORMA 07, the second biennial of new visual art performance, will be held in New York City from October 27 – November 20, 2007. Featuring approximately eighty artists, PERFORMA 07 is presented in collaboration with a consortium of thirty cultural organizations throughout the city. PERFORMA 07 promises an exciting three weeks of innovative cultural programming for New York City and the international world of contemporary art and visual art performance.

THE NEW BIENNIAL FOR NEW YORK CITY PERFORMA is New York City’s newest and most original biennial. The thirty New York City venues include the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, the Kitchen, the Brooklyn Academy of Music, China Institute, The Studio Museum in Harlem, and the Judson Memorial Church, echoing the rich creative environment of the 1960s that developed there. The entire program of performances, events, symposia and exhibitions for PERFORMA 07 will create a live network of events across New York’s famous grid, showcasing the infinite possibilities of urban renewal through cultural activism. With a program designed to engage and enthral viewers of all ages and from a broad range of interests, PERFORMA 07 breaks down barriers between disciplines and cross-pollinates audiences with a variety of material from new visual art, dance, film, theatre, and music.

PERFORMA 07 draws from New York’s extraordinarily rich history of innovation and cross-disciplinary convergence — as in the vibrant West Village writers scene of the 1940s, the Cedar Bar painters collective of the 1950s, the Judson Dance Theater, Max’s Kansas City and the Mudd Club of the 60s and 70s and 80s — building programs that both highlight that history and propel contemporary practitioners and audiences into the future. “History is my inspiration,” says PERFORMA Founder and Director RoseLee Goldberg referring to relationship of the city’s past to her curatorial overview. Even as it draws an extensive international following, PERFORMA 07 is also a uniquely New York experience, with its determination to keep the city on edge and erupting with new possibilities. Through its dedication and love of New York City, PERFORMA is creating a new paradigm for the city-wide cultural festival, producing performances both uptown and downtown, as well as in the boroughs. “We keep hearing that the center of the art world is moving to London or Berlin,” says Goldberg, “but it’s not true. There’s simply nothing like New York and PERFORMA casts a spotlight on all the extraordinary people and places that make it so.”

Programming will include a daily schedule of live performances, parallel exhibitions and an integrated educational program that will provide critical and historical contexts for the new work produced. The majority of the 60 plus events will be free and open to the public with an expected attendance of over 30,000 guests, many from major cities across the country and the world. With its mix of new PERFORMA Commissions, historic reconstructions, and its use of the city of New York as the backdrop for work by approximately eighty artists at more than thirty venues, PERFORMA 07 promises to be the most engaging new biennial in the international world of contemporary art.

PERFORMA07 Commissions are initiated, funded and produced by PERFORMA. The PERFORMA Commissions program originates new performances by inviting artists— many of whom have not worked ‘live’ before—to create work especially for the PERFORMA biennial. Selected by PERFORMA Director RoseLee Goldberg, commissioned artists work closely with the PERFORMA production team from conceptualization to presentation, including international tours following the biennial. The 2007 recipients of PERFORMA Commissions are: Carlos Amorales, Sanford Biggers, Nathalie Djurberg, Japanther, Isaac Julien, Daria Martin, Kelly Nipper, Adam Pendleton, Yvonne Rainer, and Francesco Vezzoli.

Curators from participating PERFORMA Consortium venues, including the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, the Kitchen, the Brooklyn Academy of Music, China Institute, and The Studio Museum in Harlem collaborate with the PERFORMA team to develop a program of events for PERFORMA 07 that demonstrate each presenter’s own curatorial perspective and unique position in the history of live art in New York. The “presenting through partnership” structure of the biennial opens doors between organizations, crosspollinates audiences and disciplines, and indirectly helps to build capacity and audiences amongst both large and small organizations. More than 20 curators are responsible for PERFORMA 07’s rich program.

In addition to the 10 commissions, PERFORMA07 is co-presenting a multitude of works with numerous venues. For these co-presentations, PERFORMA selects an appropriate host organization with which to collaborate in realizing a given artist’s project. These programs are typically generated between PERFORMA and the artist, and then co-presented or produced by the host institution within the style and context provided by their unique mission.

As a key part of the biennial, PERFORMA also presents an exciting educational program including lectures, panel discussions, and workshops on an ongoing basis that explore critical issues surrounding performance and its relationship to the museum, gallery, and collector, and also creates a meeting place for artists of all disciplines. PERFORMA’s Not For Sale symposia series is co-sponsored by the New York University Steinhardt Department of Art and Art Professions.

PERFORMA Education offerings in PERFORMA07 include:
Performance Studies International
PSi XIII: Happening, Performance, Event

November 8-11 at New York University

Taking place in conjunction with PERFORMA 07, the Performance Studies International academic conference, PSI # 13: Happening/Performance/Event, is being held at New York University in November to coincide with the numerous events in the PERFORMA 07 schedule. The collaboration between PERFORMA 07 and PSI #13 offers an exciting opportunity to provide a critical and historical context for the new work presented during PERFORMA 07. The conference’s keynote panel, “Making History: Developing New Work,” moderated by PERFORMA’s founder and director RoseLee Goldberg, will focus on the relationship between artists developing new work and the curatorial process. Allan Kaprow: Art & Life

November 8 at The Jewish Museum

American artist Allan Kaprow is credited with inventing the term “happenings” to describe performance art pieces that involved public participation. This unique program, will further explore Kaprow’s innovative artistic practices and legacy. The evening will include original film and video and a discussion with artist Paul McCarthy, art historian Irving Sandler, and Stephanie Rosenthal, the Haus der Kunst curator who recently organized the historic reconstruction of 18 Happenings in 6 Parts as part of a major Kaprow retrospective that will be also be featured during PERFORMA07. Additional panelists to be announced. You Didn’t Have To Be There: Photography, Performance, and Contemporary Art--

November 14 at the New School Auditorium

In this panel discussion artists and critics, including Marina Abramovic and others to be announced, will explore the significance of photography in the history of performance since the 1960s and the influence of performance on contemporary photography. BAMtalk: Epic Journeys

November 10 at the BAM Hillman Attic Studio

Inspired by the themes of Cast No Shadow--geographic exploration and individual identity within a globalized world culture--this panel will discuss art's ability to convey complex narratives as well as social and political shifts within an entirely seductive aesthetic milieu. Isaac Julien and Russell Maliphant, will be joined by Iranian-born visual artist Shirin Neshat and choreographer/director Ralph Lemon. Moderated by RoseLee Goldberg NOT FOR SALE: Conceptual Art and Dance in Visual Arts

November 17 at the Judson Memorial Church Amanda

This day-long symposia will explore the connections between dance and visual art, both historically and within the contemporary scene. Panelists will include artists Xavier Le Roy, and Marten Spangberg, among others, and the day will feature several lively, artistled physical activities for the audience.


PERFORMA Radio, curated by Anthony Huberman (Chief Curator, Contemporary Art Museum St. Louis and Adjunct Curator, Palais de Tokyo, Paris) and organized in collaboration with Bethany Ryker, WFMU, will once again present works by visual artists specifically designed for radio broadcast. This year, PERFORMA Radio has also commissioned three artists and artist-collaborators to make new radio works for broadcast on WFMU 91.1-FM in New York. Swiss abstract painter and record collector Francis Baudevin presents an abstract drone piece made from hundreds of records (Nov. 4). A collaborative radio work by British artist Ryan Gander and New York-based collective Dexter Sinister merges the script of a TV pilot with a radio play (Nov. 11). Broadcast live from the studio, a collaboration between artist Christopher Wiliams and John Kelsey features an artist (Bernadette Corporation, Reena Spaulings), a gallerist (Reena Spaulings), and a writer (from Artforum) in Radio Danièle, an ongoing radio project featuring a wide array of invited contributors, including Emily Sundblad, Seth Price, Rita Ackermann, Lawrence Weiner, David Grubbs, Dan Graham, Jack Smith, and Martin Kippenberger, among many others (Nov. 18). Aiming at expanding the field of performance to include radio-space and encouraging artistst to use radio as a medium, PERFORMA Radio features live and recorded performances, interventions, radio dramas, monologues, sound pieces, and conceptual works.

PERFORMA Radio Schedule
November 4 at 9 pm—Francis Baudevin
November 11 at 9 pm—Ryan Gander/Dexter Sinister
November 18 at 9 pm—Kelsey/Williams & Radio Danièle
WFMU, 91.1FM-NYC and http://www.wfmu.org

PERFORMA TV is an Internet-based video project conceived to provide a live, open and public platform for the artists and organizers of PERFORMA07. It is intended to serve as both a supplemental resource and as a performance venue, hosted by Columbia University’s School of Visual Arts, with worldwide viewing accessibility. Taking place throughout the biennial, PERFORMA TV will be a 25-day continuous Internet video stream broadcasted from a stage-set, hosted by Columbia University's School of Visual Arts. The stage-set will consist of a few basic amenities intending to create environment conducive for discussion and performance--such as chairs, a small refrigerator, and a plant—but also expected to be open to chance. Scheduled and impromptu events from artists, curators, critics, and art historians will include interviews, discussions, and performances.

PERFORMA: New Visual Art Performance, the first book published by PERFORMA Publications and released in September 2007, is a record of PERFORMA 05 and the first in a series of PERFORMA Publications. The book documents the biennial, illuminating the essential role of performance in the history of art, as well as its significance in the international world of contemporary art today.

For a full schedule of events, lists of participating artists and venues, as well as the most up to date information please visit us on the web at http://www.performa-arts.org.

Image: Shirin Neshat, Logic of the Birds, 2001

For more information, images and interview requests please contact:
Dan Tanzilli / FITZ & CO
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