In the streets

I am a man
dal 18/4/2008 al 18/4/2008
Begins at 3 pm
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Stefan Unterburger


Arto Lindsay

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I am a man

In the streets, Frankfurt

Parade by Arto Lindsay. A project by Portikus and MMK for Frankfurter Positionen 2008, whose theme this year is Inventing Life. Marchers includes a Spielmannszug (a german brass band), a local parade band, and a group of robot dogs.

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I AM A MAN is a parade by Arto Lindsay and the students of the Städelschule in Frankfurt. This parade was conceived as part of the Frankfurter Positionen whose theme this year is Inventing Life. The title of the parade is taken from signs carried in a demonstration led by Dr. Martin Luther King during the garbage workers strike in Memphis during the 60's and will feature various groups that allude, some more abstractly and some less abstractly, to the notion of a body both liberated by and at odds with improvements visited on it.

Marchers will include a Spielmannszug (a german brass band), a local parade band, and a group of robot dogs (the recently discontinued Sony Aibos) that carry speakers, one dog per instrument. Among other groups we will have a small crowd of philosophers carrying on a debate on the subject of the language specificity of philosophy instigated by Heidegger's well known remark that among modern languages only German is suitable for philosophy. Some lindy hopper, some bonsais and some cheerleaders will add to our heterogeneity.

The parade will also feature virtuoso dancer Richard Siegal, until recently a member of the Forsythe Company, Marivaldo Paim, master percussionist from Ilê Aiyê in Bahia and Nico Vascellari, a young Italian hard core punk musiician and artist.

Arto Lindsay is an American musician and artist who lives in Salvador, Bahia in Brasil. He began performing in New York in the late late 1970's with his band DNA. Lindsay has collaborated with visual artists such as Vito Acconci, Dominique Gonzalez-Foerster and, on a carnaval parade in Bahia, with Matthew Barney.

A project by
Alte Brücke 2 / Maininsel
D-60596 Frankfurt am Main
MMK Museum für Moderne Kunst
Domstraße 10
D-60311 Frankfurt am Main

As part of
Frankfurter Positionen 2008

Date: April 19, 2008
Begins at 3 pm Start at Portikus--across Alte Brücke--down Fahrgasse to MMK
Street festival outside the MMK begins at 6 pm

I am a man
dal 18/4/2008 al 18/4/2008

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