De Appel (old location)
Nieuwe Spiegelstraat 10
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Baggage 1972.2007
dal 1/5/2008 al 1/5/2008
7 pm

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De Appel


Allan Kaprow
Otobong Nkanga

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Baggage 1972.2007

De Appel (old location), Amsterdam

Allan Kaprow/Otobong Nkanga. A performative screening

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A performative screening. The project is a happening by Allan Kaprow re-invented by Otobong Nkanga. According to Kaprow activities and happenings don't grow old over the years; it is not nostalgic to repeat works but rather a challenge to adapt them to the moment, to the issues, the themes, maybe even the fashion of today.

Manifesta Journal 14
dal 29/3/2012 al 29/3/2012

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