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Two events
dal 6/9/2008 al 6/9/2008
from 2pm

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Marc Camille Chaimowicz

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Two events

De Appel (old location), Amsterdam

Finissage Exhibition Marc Camille Chaimowicz - Presentation of the new edition of the journal F.R. David

comunicato stampa

On Sunday 7 September, the last day of the exhibition "... In the Cherished Company of Others..." of Marc Camille Chaimowicz in Amsterdam, (the exhibition will also be on view at PMMK in Oostende from the 28th of September until Dec. 15) de Appel presents a lively afternoon with:

At 2 pm Guided Tour by director Ann Demeester. Reservation required via

At 4 pm Launch of the new edition of F.R.David, de Appel’s journal which focuses on the ‘status’ of writing in contemporary art practice: F.R. David “A is for ‘orses”.

This issue (ed. Will Holder) had its inception within a notion of idiolects and personal vocabularies, and later went on to encompass notions of the subjective editorial process of speech, abstractions of speech, and logic and mathematics as means of subjective categorisation."F.R. David “A is for ‘orses” (10 eur. 216 pag.) with contributions by Ackroyd, Armando, Tudela, Deball, de Cointet and many others, is available at de Appel and distributed by Idea Books.

The launch will be followed by the screening of the documentary "Poto and Cabengo" (Jean-Pierre Gorin, 1980). Poto and Cabengo are identical twins that created their own ‘persolect’ or secret language that they have been using up to the age of about 8.

De Appel
Nieuwe Spiegelstraat 10 - Amsterdam

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