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Tongue tongue Hongkong
dal 2/3/2009 al 2/3/2009
7 pm

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KW Institute for Contemporary Art


Petra Coronato

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Tongue tongue Hongkong

KW Institute for Contemporary Art, Berlin

A talk with Petra Coronato

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Tongue tongue Hongkong is not a new art form but a company that has been successfully recyclying fine literature for years. After some initial scandals about their unscrupulous way of obtaining work, they rapidly became the darling of the public and still hold a monopoly in text-recycyling in the German-speaking world. Petra Coronato leads the public to the headquarters in Hong Kong. She presents the business concept and then unabashedly gives valueable tips on how to recycle texts without getting prosecuted.

Batia Suter
dal 4/12/2015 al 16/1/2016

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