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Clifford irving Show

Cine 13 Theatre, Paris

One-night-only, live variety show dedicated to the arts' involvement in life-writing

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"Where do authors go when characters interrupt the story?" is the inscription at the heart of the show taking place at the renowned Paris theater in Montmartre on the occasion of the second edition of Irving's autobiography. The one-night-only live variety show is dedicated to the arts' involvement in life-writing at large and will star a variety of stories, performances, characters and audiences. Conceived as a space of shaken expectations and dramatically-treated expertise, it will be an adventure for both characters and authors. Rather than focusing on a singular figure of the eponymous writer, it will illuminate possibilities of collective subjectivity lying in The Autobiography of Any One Being Including Every One Before, a new story that has recently written itself. Curated by Raimundas Malasauskas, organised by Kadist Art Foundation Paris and Objectif Exhibitions Antwerp.

Clifford irving Show
dal 17/6/2009 al 17/6/2009

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