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Art Crisis or Crisis Art?

Dublin Contemporary

Dublin Contemporary, 6 September - 31 October 2011. Curators Jota Castro and Christian Viveros-Fauné

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Dublin Contemporary was the debut of another major contemporary art event on the international stage, and a successful attempt to get the whole city involved, attracting a wider audience than might have been expected.
The main part of the show was in a former college facility that had been closed for some time, left more or less intact. Footsteps on the old wooden floors were a constant, pleasant sound feature, as the abandoned rather ghostly spaces echoed with new life.
There were many intriguing multisensorial pieces involving sound. Here we will document just a few of them.

Carola Muecke, Physical Cosmology

A rather unassuming work in a small back room unexpectedly reveals, upon further study (like many of the works in this show) a narrative side that adds real depth to the experience of the work (even in retrospect).
A not-too-slick wall sculpture that looks something like a makeshift launching pad for homemade rockets emits embarrassed, disarmingly human sounding hiccups at irregular intervals. In the daunting conceptual density of a large group show this work seems to opt for a particular strategy, limiting its physical impact to a sort of suggestion, planting a seed for further exploration that happens in another, more private space and time frame.
A visit to the artist's website reveals links to a short story and an essay (not by the artist) "inspired by" Physical Cosmology.